Weedfree OW swimming



  • TONKA BOY wrote (see)
    Hi CD has Schmunks got hold of you yet?
    Oh yes, all sorted thanks mate.
  • Loulabel, are you suggesting you've never pee'd in your wetsuit?!
  • loulabell wrote (see)
    i dont ask for much !!!image.....if it was all female swimming itd def be wee wee free....image
    I'm sure Meldy said she had pee'd 8 times during an IM swim leg, in fact i think she holds the record................. (or is just incontinent)
  • I do and you can feck right off !!!
  • image

  • Holly_Golightly wrote (see)
    Loulabel, are you suggesting you've never pee'd in your wetsuit?!
    never never ever ever  ever ever ever...i mean.....euwimageimage
  • Well you better get used to swimming through everone elses wee .....field of a 1000 = a lot of wee (unless your a front swimmer up with the elites)
  • image.....i will snorkel all the way me thinksimage

    ...elite?..i wishimage

  • if its Blenheim Tri, it'll be wee wee free for sureimage...we are posh in Oxfordshire imagelol
  • I couldn't find the wee-free lake. image  I need to get tinternet on my phone sorted I think.  Got to Shepperton then realised I'd left behind the map I'd printed off.  Drove round where I thought I'd remembered it to be but no luck so came home.


  • image lol Soupy,
  • Oh no Soupy! You missed a brilliant lake! If you take the road down to the Thames Court Pub from the roundabout at the bottom of Shepperton High Street. Go round the bend past the restaurants and on the left is a sign towards Thames Court, which is also signposted as a dead end, take that and a little further on, on the left, is the sailing club and it's marked up 'Swim' (although you have to look over your shoulder once you've passed the small turning!! Follow that down to the grassy car park!
    There's changing rooms in the sailing club with hot showers and a bar above!
    Lovely sandy patch to get down and into the clean, fresh water. Very, very few weeds! Just the odd strand or two floating free on the surface.
    I'm very impressed and free for first visit!
    Open 'till 11am I think on the weekends so no need to have to get up at stupid o'clock!
    You can hire wetsuits from them too. Very friendly people. And the bonus for me was I bumped into an old mate who does IM stuff too!
    I shall be back on the weekend, probably Sunday! image
  • Oh and no speedboats or water skiers either!! The lake's only used for swimming!
  • Really glad you liked it to PS. I've got nowt else to compare it too but I did think the mini-sandy beach was all jolly civilised. Run by v. nice peeps too.

    Soups - persevere in finding the lake - it's such a lovely spot.

    Sadly, can't do next two weekends but will be back to do my impression of a damsel in distress in a couple of weekends time.
  • I am aiming to be there this Saturday and / or Sunday morning... it had better still be weed free!  Like the sound of a bar...Might have to make it there on an evening.
  • I passed the sign for Thames Court pub 3 times!!!  I used to go there with friends who lived nearby and was convinced there was no lake along that road, just the river so presumed I was wrong.   I remember the sailing club now. image

    I will try and get there at the weekend.

  • They intend to keep it open as long as they can, It was getting dark at 8pm tonight when they close it down. Not sure the bar will be open early in the morning though! And, if you're as keen as Dusty take your shoes and have a run around the lake afterwards! He did at least 2 laps I think! Not sure how far it is for a run, but it looked pleasant and no aeroplanes taking off / landing overhead and no motorway zooming past!
    Debster, I owe you a drink for mentioning it! image
  • Planning a run after too, although not sure if it will be there or elsewhere.  Really looking forward to it though.  It's time I got a good swim in.
  • Holly, thames path is a few hundred yards further down the road apparently, so our run can be anything up to 50 miles or more.... image

    But maybe an hour or so would be more civilised! image

  • This is a cracking venue. They actually go round and pull up the weeds! They were really nice and helpful and we all had to do a swimming test before they let us go round. HAHAHAHAHAHA! But what a good idea if someone looks like their eyes are bigger than their swim Cojones.

    I didn't use the changing area but the run lap is 1.5K ish. Did 3 laps after a 1500 swim.

    Excellent to see Siggy again and DTB dropped in with man. Soupy, we missed you!!! But it would deffo have brought one of those Soupy comments, "How fab were that!"

    Am away this weekend but will try and make next week.

    Looks like there might be a half decent nosebag joint just adjacent too.

    Yeah, thumbs up.

    And one bloke there who was swimming said, "These Pirates have a lot of influence you know"
  • Are you sure that wasn't under the influence? image

     Sounds like a lovely lake but not so easy to get to for me.

     I'm going to Mytchett on Sunday, 20 mins from falling out of bed to being ready to swim is always a winner.  Itll be the main bit of the lake rather than the small 400 loop from Wednesdays but I will report back on the weed situation .

  • weirwood is perfect stil.. sorry only saw the water level comment today but swam on tuesday night and absolutely tonnes of lovely water weed free to swim in.. I'm part of east grinstead tri and we have been there since may and its fantastic! big fan image and yes.. 4km swim on the 18th sept
  • Well, folks I'm orf to the Lakes for a week so taking wetsuit with me. If anyone knows a good spot for a newbie let me know. yeah, yeah, I know there's lots of lakes (obvs innit) but i kind of like a bit of supervision/absence of shopping trolleys until I'm more confident.
  • In the blue - do you want to swim tomorrow morning at Mytchett?
  • Or is anyone else OW swimming tomorrow morning? I'll happily come along somewhere else.
  • I can't do tomorrow cat5 will be there sunday though at about 7 if you want to come a splash about image
  • WOW!!!!! Shepperton is fab!

    99% weed free venue, lovely guys (and gal) running it and a damn good spot to go for a post-swim run.  


  • Right, I'm off this week. I see some are heading to Shepperton on Wednesday. Is that AM or PM?
  • 5.30pm. I should be there.
  • I'll be there about that time if I remember to take a map this time.  I think I know where it is now though, near Thames Court pub. It had better be good cos its a bit of a drive for me to get to.

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