Weedfree OW swimming



  • Soup, I don't think you'll regret it! I won't make it I'm afraid. I have to wait in for a bloke who's coming to, hopefully, buy my old car!
  • Are we going for something to eat afterwards?  Thames Court used to do decent grub and serve a good pint.
  • If it is here:

    Fresh Water – Open water swimming
    Ferris Meadow
    Ferry Lane
    TW17 9LH

    I'll see you all there at 1730.

  • Yep - not this one which Slow Engineer picked out. 
  • I'm a 'quite possible'. Parents are down visiting tomorrow but if they're gone, I'll be there with bells on! image
  • I'll be there, will have to leave work early judging by the traffic getting to Thorpe today!
  • M3 was shut.
  • Hope you all had fun, I didn't get done in time. image
  • First proper OW swim. Happy days! I felt a few things in the water, but put it to the back of my mind, in the same part that contained the 'how-deep?" question.

    It was good to see Dustboy again.

  • Glad you enjoyed it cat5. It never occurs to me to wonder how deep, is that strange or just blind faith? image
  • 3 X 750M laps. Quite fun but getting nippier now. Even Soupy squealed a bit.

    Cat did well and hid any nerves very well. As to felt a few thing in the water, actually, they were feeling you! And as to how deep....I quite enjoyed The Abyss. Would you like one of those wrist typing things then?

    Alan W knocked out 3 laps as well.

    Next week may be their last evening session due to light issues. Get some in while you can.

  • Yep - good session, lovely lake, friendly people but could they heat the water next week please?

    sorry I missed you Cat but well done.  The only time I've worried about how deep was in Victoria dock for the Great London Swim with 6 ft walls round the edge. Then I reasoned that anything over 5 ft would be too deep to stand up in so makes no difference.

    For the record..... I wasn't feeling anyone in the water. image

    And there was a classic bit of Dustboy exageration to a bit (BIT) of floating (note floating not growing) weed being a swarm of aqua triffid monsters. image 

    And I passed the 50m swim test so they must let anyone in. image

    SE - same time next week?

  • Soup Dragon wrote (see)

    SE - same time next week?

    YES image

  • I did a 400m then a 750m.I was beyond terrified. I swam so fast I could breathe bilaterally, and my mouth dried up. It was a real effort to slow down, but tried to remember technique, and the last bouy of the 750m went really quick.

    My goggles kept misting, and swimming in to the sun I struggled to see the bouys - not that it made any difference. My sighting is terrible.

    No worries Soup. I made a move faily rapidly after a shower -  did you go for a pint?

    I'll be in Wales next week, but am aiming to swim in the Taff with Seren and Jevans.

  • Stunning lake at Shepperton, will definitely be making more use of that next season.  As DB says, 3 laps of the 750, took it quite easy and it felt fine.  No weeds except for the very far section and the guys there are awesome!
  • Sorry newbie here (and I mean total newbie to everything Triathlon) but does anyone know if the Shepperton lake will still be open weekend mornings for the next few months?

    I plan to do Triathlons next year but thought I would get the Open Water swimming started sooner rather than later and will hopefully pickup a wetsuit in the next couple of weeks.



  • Lakes usually close completely mid - late septmeber, it's too dark even in the mornings and then it starts to get cold as well. 
  • Thought that might be the case, moving to Kingston area in the next couple of months, so Hampton Lido might have to be my winter solution.
  • They said they were going to keep Shepperton open at weekends as long as they can so a few more weeks by the sound of it.
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