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I've been running for about 18 months and have been plagued by injuries. I've had ITBS (both legs), runner's knee (both knees), achilles tendonitis (both heels) and Plantar Fasciitis (just the one foot!) already.

I've had my gait analysis done twice in reputable shops and both diagnosed moderate over pronation. I've worn nothing but Asics Kayanos, and I've changed them frequently enough based on my mileage. I think I'm on my sixth pair.

I'm aware that I have poor running style and I'm very inflexible. I also suspect my gait may have changed as I've become more experienced and quicker. I'm hoping to do my second marathon next spring.

I've decided to seek professional help! My main aim is to avoid injury - any performance gains would be a bonus.

If I can only afford to get help from one place should I go to:

Profeet (advanced gait analysis and shoe and insole advice):

StrideUK (advanced gait analysis, optionally including upper body analysis, training plan recommendation and show and insole advice):

The Running School (full running training / technique programme but no shoe / insole advice).

What do you think!? Anyone have recent experience of these services? Which would be best for my needs?




  • SqueakzSqueakz ✭✭✭
    Ive been to Profeet and really had a good service and experience from them, they stated that I needed to address issues rather than buy shoes, they gave me excercises to resolve my issues. There was no hard sell and they explained what they had discovered and showed me so I could understand myself.
    Great service from my experience.
  • JWrunJWrun ✭✭✭
    Have you not seen professional athletes? Their styles are AWFUL sometimes but do you know how they combat injury....... strength training. Some people need to do more and looking at all the problems you list you need to be helping your body by making it stronger and hitting the gym. You may be doing this already and perhaps these companies will help you get a strength programme together but i would say its an option you should consider as well.
  • I'd think about trying some self help before you start shelling-out.

    Maybe start with googling POSE running or chi running for some ideas on styles which may be more sympathetic to your body. Not saying you have to go the whole hog and adopt anything radical wholesale but I've picked up some useful things over the last couple of months.

    I was having problems with my lower back and a combo of stretching, some core exercises and moving to a midfoot strike seem to have helped no end.

    Good luck
  • Pingu1874 wrote (see)
     I've had my gait analysis done twice in reputable shops and both diagnosed moderate over pronation.

    This is NOT a diagnosis.

  • Stride UK all the way. I have had so many mixed opinions regarding my running style, i ended up getting more problems as a result of being told to run on the my toes. Stride UK totally took me back to my old running style, gave me some top advice which made complete sense based on my flexibility. I ran my last half marathon at a PB 1.42. Although a trip down to Brighton to visit them, worth every penny.
  • they all do different things... and will depend on what you're trying to achieve. BUT in my opinion (have tried them all thanks to research for magazine articles image) StrideUK is the best by far especially in terms of injury prevention and value for money. They will assess your entire body whilst running (prepare for bare chested running with pen marks down your back and legs) and come up with not only the best shoe options, but the right strengthening and stretching exercises to combat and prevent injury AND ways to improve your running style and get faster. What's not to like about that? worth every penny! Mitch who runs it is amazing and really knows his stuff.
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