Morning all

 Just got a pair of new shoes. My old ones gave me a black toe (second toe), and were worn out anyhow. The running shop (a reputable one) said my old ones were too small, despite being 1.5 sizes bigger than my shoe size and fitted by (another) reputable running shop. 

I now have a pair that are 2 sizes bigger than my shoe size (same brand) and the second toe on my other foot is starting to go black, and the second and third toes on the original problem foot go numb when I run (I remember this happened with my last shoes at the beginning). 

 Are they too big? The man in the shop scoffed when I said that the black toe might be because my shoes were too big. They were expensive and they put me on the treadmill and everything, but surely I shouldn't have to put up with 3 black toes? Or should I? 




  • Try lacing your shoes differently Linds.  Loosen them at the end by your toes - even miss a hole out at the bottom.  Your feet swell as you run, this is why many people buy a size bigger than their shoe size, so even if they feel OK when you set out, 3 - 4 miles in they may be too tight.

  • OK, I'll try it. My toes are very sore today after only a 60 min run yesterday image
  • Just be aware it could be the opposite - they may be too loose.  If they are, your toes will slide forward and bash into the end of your shoe - it's all trial and error!
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