M Dot tattoo when done Outlaw

So I don’t want to start an argument here about tattoos.  Some like them, some don’t... I already get that, and have been lectured many times from people who hate them for having tattoos.  I have just as much respect for people who don’t want any at all, as for people who cover their whole body in them... each to their own, and whatever makes you happy etc.  But I'm getting one anyway image

What I want to know is what are peoples thoughts on having an M dot tattoo when I have done the Outlaw, and not an actual M dot event.  My reasoning behind this is, if I’m completely honest, that I don’t like the Outlaw logo, and it also reminds me of the logo for the Alton Towers ride the Oblivion?!  Also I don’t think anyone will actually realise what the Outlaw logo is, and I’m far too lazy to have to explain it to people when they ask what it means. 

I’m actually in the process of designing my own tattoo, ok I admit I’m wanting to make my IM tattoo more ‘girly’ and incorporate the design within something else to make it more personal, so it won’t just be the normal M dot you see most others with.  I realise I will get some light hearted stick from friends about not actually doing a real IM (although I plan to next year) but I feel it still represents my achievements.  Just wondering what your thoughts are?



  • If you plan to do an IM next year, why not wait till then? Or have a tatt now that you can incorporate the M. into later.

    Personally, it's my feeling that if you haven't done an M. event, you should 'wear' the brand.  Added to which, people who know will recognise it and ask which one you've done and then you'll have to explain that you haven't actually done and Ironman, but you have done a Long Distance Tri.

    That said, I do know people who have gone ahead and had the M. before doing a branded IM event and are perfectly happy with it. I'm just a bit of a purist!

  • I dont see any reason not to have the M-dot logo, whilst its a brand its also a more widely known recognition of the distance you covered.

    I also understand OSB were some kind of talks with WTC to brand the event and an Ironman but decided against this as it would have added a significant cost to entries.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Like Barley said - it has to be about the distance rather than the company running the event doesn't it.    
  • definitely for me it symbolises the ironman distance..........not the brand that you did............image

    not sure about making it more girlie..............is that a pink one rather than a red oneimage

  • Like Oxy's?
  • Its your bloody skin,

    get whatever you like on it 

  • Thanks everyone, that's what I thought.  It's definitely more about the symbol of the distance rather than the brand.  But obviously this is the widely recognised symbol that shows my achievement. 

    Seren nos- definitely not pink!! image Keeping designs under wraps at moment, top secret!  Haha image  No, I'm thinking of intertwining it with some flowers/ivy.  I have no idea why other than I think it looks cool, and essentially that's all that matters image

    Haven't seen Oxy's

  • Haha love it Farnie!  Was just gauging how much stick I was going to get for it... but I get stick for all my other tattoo's so hey ho! image
  • It's the Distance and not the brand image so go for it image
  • If it's about the distance why not get the distance tattooed? Going for M-dot is a bit like having a Bentley keyring while you drive a Ford.
  • personally if I had done the distance I'd have the f*cking thing tattoo'd on my frigging face in really big letters!!!



  • *hides keys*
  • Intermanaut wrote (see)
    If it's about the distance why not get the distance tattooed? Going for M-dot is a bit like having a Bentley keyring while you drive a Ford.
    I'd actually wondered about that myself, getting some kind of 140.6 design, thought that sounded a bit different (and by next July I'll have done three long course events, none of them Ironman!). I'm not really fond of the idea of having a brand tattoo-ed on and definitely wouldn't get an M dot if I hadn't done an M dot race...
  • Intermanaut wrote (see)
    If it's about the distance why not get the distance tattooed? Going for M-dot is a bit like having a Bentley keyring while you drive a Ford.

    I stuck a Carrera badge on the back of my Seat... it fell off a bit ago but the outline is still there image maybe I'm just a hopeless optimist (or delusional...but I'm happy so leave me be)

    Farnie wrote (see)

    personally if I had done the distance I'd have the f*cking thing tattoo'd on my frigging face in really big letters!!!

    It's tempting image hahaha

  • Where's Cona and Doozer when you need 'em to have a good old ding-dong about the merits of ink? Come on boys, gloves off for round 2!!
  • PIT, I wondered the same thing about peoples opinions. Before I did Outlaw I was definately going to have an MDot, mainly because it is recongnisable and I have covered the distance,

     I have no tattoos at present and after visiting the tattoist to get prices and lowdown on procedure, and talking with family, not sure whether to get one at all.At 48yrs I am thinking, do i need /want one. I know I have done the distance and have the medal,Tshirt, and memories of a fantastic day.

    Upshot of all this drivel is that I haven't made my mind up. But as Farnie said, Its your skin, don't worry about anyone else!

  • OH LOOK< I do have my PIRATE symbol though!!!
  • about 18 months ago I got the names and years of a couple of marathons which I had done as well as a HIM... biggest mistake I have probably ever made (except for signing up to an IM) imho! image

    You may now see me racing in calf guards or long socks most of the time... it's not for the compression values but just because I feel a bit of a tool! image

  • you know what...i hate to be a snob....and i realise its a stupid corporate brand...but the fact is people who do what we all do know what the M.dot is...and it was always my plan to get the tattoo once i'd got the medal....last year i didnt finish imuk...and so considered the outlaw...BUT...i honestly opted for IMUK again so i could feel i could have the right tattoo and call myself an ironman.
    I'm not saying people who do the outlaw cant call themselves an ironman....but i knew...if i had done outlaw...and got the m.dot..then i'd feel a bit daft if people asked which ironman did i do and i said 'the outlaw'
  • http://www.shinyshiny.tv/13-microsoft-tattoo-omg.jpg

    this is my brother, but dont tell anyone he uses a mac......

  • Andy - that's kind of what I was trying to say....
  • I say go for it. It was my plan to get one after IMUK, but haven't done anything about it yet. I have 6 tattoos on my body and hate 3 of them. Not sure I want another at 34.

    The Microsoft pic is class BTW

  • So I guess if you do a IM70.3 (whatever) you could have an M. tatto then as it just a brand or would you have to put 70.3 on it somewhere. or as this guy has done



  • I kinda like this one if not doing an M. race


  • Shaun - I'm intrigued by the tats you dislike. Photo please!
  • I always thought I'd want a tattoo after IMR, but the closer I got to the race, the more I realised I didn't really want one. I guess now I've done it, it doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore (maybe that's just me). I am getting an M dot pendant made instead, so I can wear it when I want to.

  • http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-HhPKS0g0AK4/TYZ5OHMdI-I/AAAAAAAABLc/FqZAb9o_-Lk/s400/tatoo-golden-palace.jpg

    corportate logo tattoos gone mad...

    this lady auctioned off her forehead to be tattood


  • Aitch! wrote (see)
    Shaun - I'm intrigued by the tats you dislike. Photo please!

    If I remember I will get one off Facebook tonight, though don't laugh!

     I got them while hungover in my final year of uni last year- and I think I was going through a bit of a state of depression as I knew I wasnt doing any endurance races in 2010 (except the local 10kms)

    I basically have written down my calf the year and names of 3 marathons and then a HIM i did - the only thing though is that for at least the immediate future I can see myself doing at least a marathon a year, and if I could afford to I would have done several HIMs this year in preperation for an IM!

    I'm basically fed up of finishing some 10km races, for the comedian stodd next to me to ask me if I'm going to get a tattoo of it.... really original and funny....d**kimage

  • CD- If you're not sure, then I think you've answered your own question.  And it's a very personal choice. 

    Shaun-  Can we see?? image tbh I'm not the sort to go around getting tattoo's for everything I've done, but the IM...sorry iron distance event I did was something I thought was absolutely beyond my wildest dreams.  Esp considering I struggled to run a mile 3 years ago, so I would never regret my tattoo.  In fact I think I would be very proud of it image

    Andy/Tommygun- I still believe it's about the distance, not who organised the race.  It is still iron distance, and unfortunately like many other things, sometimes the brand becomes the product (hoovers, biro, coke, jacuzzi I could go on) and so I guess the m dot best represents what I have done, and is most recognised worldwide.  Hope that makes some sense?

  • PiT - did you get my reply re: Florida?
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