Confusing Gait

So i recently went to get re filmed for some running shoes, the last time i was filmed was when i 1st started running 3 years ago and i figured my running style and gait may have evolved as i lost weight and gained technique,

when i was filmed originally they said i was a mild over pronator, and have worn shoes accordingly, when i went back a few weeks ago they filmed me again and said i was an over again, and i bought some lovely kayano 17's, but within 2 10 mile runs i was in agony with shin splints, so i went back and they video'd me again and said i am a neutral to mild UNDER pronator... and the kayano's were a really bad choice for me.

did the staff just get it wrong 1st time? or could my gait change on a treadmill v's on the road?

I have since returned the kayano's and replaced with Nimbus 13's and immediately noticed the difference and they felt as comfortable as my gel noosa's that i;d done the previous 500 miles in.

I even debated the over with them as my shoes (at least to my un trained eye) suggest i'm very much an under pronator. (see attached)


  • Hi Marc,

    When you "went back and they video'd me again and said i am a neutral to mild UNDER pronator", what shoes did they video you in?
  • Funny how all these in store gait analysises always end up in your buying a pair of expensive trainers. Never take advice from a salesperson.
  • @ mr majestic, they video'd me running and walking barefoot the 2nd time. the 1st time was a different guy, he told me to run in the shoes i had on.
  • That's a really strange wear pattern on those Noosas.  Looks like they're forcing you to supinate as all the forefoot wear is on the very outside edge of the shoe.  Based on that wear pattern I'm not surprised the Kayanos caused you grief.  Stick with the Nimbus - a great choice for that gait pattern.
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