MBNA Chester Marathon

Hi, I got injured in Feb and have only just started running again.  In no shape to do Chester and therefore have a place available.  Please contact me if you need one.



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    sorry to hear that JohnI bet there are loads of people wanting a number

    better to be safe then sorry
  • Yes, I'm entering rivington half and conwy half.  Hoping to do Manc Mara next year
  • If you are still looking for a place and John's is gone, I have another, which it would be a shame to go to waste. do drop me a line. J
  • Me too, 2 places available as my running buddy and I are both injured.  Both are £40 unaffiliated places so happy to offer for £25 image  Also have a New Forest Half place going as definitely won't be able to do that either.

  • New Forest place taken but 2 x Chester places still open to offers !! 
  • next year trying north devon marathon
  • I also have a place on offer due to injuryimage willing to transfer
  • chester place still going. did think again anout doing it - then hit with another illness! yours for a small charitable donation and the knowledghe that it hasn't gone to waste!
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    no good risking it if you are not right but good news is next years date is all ready set
  • I have to withdraw due to injury, so I have 1 unaffiliated place available - drop me a line if you would like it.
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