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We recently decided to switch to a water meter so completed the applicaton form and posted if off earlier this week. We were led to expect that someone would come round to survey whether we were suitable for a meter, we would be informed of the decision and then arrange for someone to come and fit the meter.

At 8.30 this morning there was a knock at my door and I answered it to find a man from sembcorp (used to be Bournemouth water). He had surveyed our set-up and fitted the meter there and then. They will notify Wessex Water as they will give us a reduction on our sewerage charges (it was a huge shock to me when I moved to this area, bought my first flat and discovered that I had to pay charges to two seperate companies!). Nothing more for us to do other than enjoy reduced bills image.

I told him at the time what great service this was, but I think this warrents a bit more recognition. Having dealt with utility companies in the past, I was expecting the process to take several weeks at least.

Have you experienced any examples of great service recently?


  • Slugster, I had a water meter fitted a few months ago.  I'd been putting it off for years because I thought you had to pay for it and that it would be hassle.

    I logged the request over the internet late on a Sunday night and got a response back promptly telling me that the initial survey would be done in a couple of weeks but that the installation could take longer if I was on an old water pain.  I suspected that our water main was old as the house is old, so was prepared to wait.

    A few days later there was evidence that someone had been digging in the dirt/gravel track that is the access road to our house.  There was a small hole (with evidence of a man hole cover) marked with fluorescent paint just outside our house.

    It was probably about a month later when we noticed that the hole had been filled in and the next day we got a letter from the water board saying that they had fitted the meter and had adjusted ourpayments accordingly.

    We too have seperate water companies for supply and waste.  The supply company also contacted the waste comapny for us and we soon got a letter from them saying that they were reducing our bills too.

    Fantastic service for something that I didn't pay for so therefore wasn't really in the water companies interest.

  • I had a water meter fitted in Dec and they said they check for leaks in your supply pipe and notify you if found.

    No notification.

    3 months later and no bill so I rang and asked  to pay one and was told I was in credit which I thought was odd but naively assumed they'd read the meter. When the next bill arrived I noticed it was estimated so went and read the meter which was wildly different. Over  £300 different to be exact.

    I had a leak.  So just a gentle warning to read your meter regularly....

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