Paris Marathon 2012

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  • Can anybody tell me exactly when registration opens for 2012? And how quickly does it usually become full - within a few days or a bit longer?


  • Opens in September I think.

    The entry price is tiered and increases once a certain amount of runners have entered.

    It takes ages to sell out. Will still be places available in early 2012 

  • ATMATM ✭✭✭


    Hello, DBG and TH. I think it's 15/9, DBG and it takes a while to fill up...but not beyond mid-November, these last few years. Go on, you know you want to do this.'Might as we'll get in cheap (er).

    Jour-J <-- get that image for me as I head to the beach in my birthday suit. More, later...

  • Whayee the new threadimage
  • We managed this many posts and views on the 2011 thread:  7764243580

    So, let me be the first to ask a repeat question image

    When does registration for the race open?  How much does it cost? Does anyone know if they have hotels in Paris and where i could find one? Do they have foreign food there? Where will I be able to watch Birmingham City v Arsenal football match as it's on that day and i wouldn't want to miss it? Is it too soon to start tapering? What gels do they give out? What other activities can i get up to in Bois de Boulogne and do they give a discount if i wear my running number?

    That should give us something to talk about. Oh yes, OO and meself probably aren't going to run it this year (should have VLM places) but I reckon I'll come down and watch.


  • I went all dark on the 2011 thread, so I thought I'd better potter over here image
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    Oy Tricky- who says I'm not running Paris.....
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Great to be on a new thread- lets get the party started...

    You didn't mention advice on the consistency of poo Tricky? 

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    I feel under pressure to make even a tenous link between my posts and running and/or Paris.So, remember this?


    First ' wetsuit' experience for me, today. It was fantastic fun! We didn't die of cold within seconds, as feared.In fact, it was really pleasant...after the first rush of seawater down the neck of the suit. I'm delighted with my birthday presentimage. ' Won't be wearing it socially, though....

  • Bristol Stool table OO..  cant get a picture up of it - we might scare the newbies if its on the first pageimage
  • Bienvenue tout le monde!  Nice and sunny here in Paris this afternoon.  Rest day for me which is not completely coincidental with the fact that it is my boss's last day and he has just treated us to some champagne.  Hic ...

  • New thread duly bookmarked and 15 miler completed in celebration. Not easy - I was struggling from about mile 4 - just one of those days, I think.

    To anyone lurking - Paris marathon is great, you'll love it, they have wine and firemen and everything image .

    ATM - how are you getting on with Brad Pitt and the zombies?
  • imageimagecongrats to Miss O&O and Miss NGUG on uni - Master PF also got grades for his first choice uni of UEA reading philosophy and politics, am so happy for him. imageimage Let the fun and hard work begin for them all. 

    NGUG:  Master PF girlfriend is also going to Warwick but to read straight philosophy I'll let her know about Miss NGUG.  

    On a running front did easy 4 monday, rest day tuesday, speedy stuff of 5 miles wednesday, a 7.32 miles in 58 mins yesterday - followed by 6.5 miles extremely easy today!!!!  Rest tomorrow then 13 - 15 miles sunday.  Have entered wolverhampton 1/2 marathon on 4th september should be fun!!!!

     Happy friday all.

  • Congratulations to all proud parents and offspring image

    I should be heading to Wales for Race the Train tomorrow; I'm entered into the Rotary Challenge in the afternoon (14miles off-road) and Mr F was doing the Quarry Challenge in the morning (10K on the second half of the Rotary course)....

    However, Mr F is injured and I am contemplating doing both races image or either or none (and saving the petrol). Decisions, decisions... I mean, how hard can 20, muddy, hilly, off-road miles be? 

  • Excellent news Fi - well done Master PFimageimageimage and to Master PF's g'friend too have told Ms NGUG that she will be at Warwick - have to arrange relays with the Webb family taking up supplies and bringing back dirty washingimage LOL.  Starting to think of the practicalities.  Mr NGUG saying today will she be back every weekend - no dear I dont think so!!!  Good luck with Wolverhampton you got a PB there last time if I remember rightly  (no pressure..)

  • ATMATM ✭✭✭

    Well done to all the A-levellers.Lots of celebration this weekend, no doubt. And that's just the parents...

    RR, Mr.& Mrs. Pitt appear to be living a couple of miles down the road...image If I see them in Tesco, I'll have a chat. 'Definitely want to go into Glasgow tomorrow and see it as Philadelphia...

  • ATM - just be careful not to follow the road signs if you doimage
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    "Where do I get my medical certificate, you know, the one that the website tells me to download?"

    We're much more able to commit to Paris than we've been for the last 2 years, I'd love to do it again.

    I'll start saving now for those tiny-bit-expensive after race drinks.

  • Has anybody got pics of the after race drinks in the Pure Malt?  I'd love to see them.
  • hi all, i really missed paris again this year, hoping maybe next year, finger crossed. now i have the sub4 monkey off my back its onwards and upwards. managed 3:58 in krakow which was a pb by 22 mins! big hello to ATM!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Don't know about newbies, the 2012 thread seems to have brought out the old timers- wecome back Puffy and Co.

    8 quick miles last night (7:15 pace) and 10 slower ones today (8:15 pace). Day off 2moro then 15 planned for Sunday. That only gives a humble 36 for the week but needs must.  

    On the plus side I'm back to race weight, finally lost all those pounds from the holidays.

  • My mate james has just been pulled out of the water on his Channel swim after about 7 hours...  he is an ex-para and built like a mountain of muscle.  Mentally as tough as they come.. he was totally prepared for this and I'm gutted for him..   no feedback yet as to what happened....    I was swimming yesterday and the conditions were near perfect, despite the storm weather conditions..

    The rest of weekend will be spent biking...  180+ miles ahead...

  • Welcome to all the new people considering Paris 2012...   this is about the 8th year of the continuous Paris thread...   some of us have been here a while!

    Come and say hello, tell us about what you have been doing and join in the banter...  image

  • A new thread? 

    How will I know where everything is?  Has everyone unpacked yet?  What are the local schools like?

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    never mind schools, what about the pubs.

    I'm having a light w/ DV standards.

  • ATMATM ✭✭✭

     Welcome home, john Murpski! And well done on Krakow.That's a PB and a half.I can't believe you'll have any problem persuading Mrs.Murpski that she'd like to see Paris again...

    What about the new folk...? Will 2012 be your first marathon or your first Paris Marathon? How's the running going?

    Tri-News: Early morning' Tweet' from DV..' I am just about to start a 180+ bike ride....' image

    Err, what are us Earthlings doing today? Me, 5k trot,* no sniggering..*,early.

  • Afternoon everyone.  ATM, well done on the early RUN, it still counts.  Whew it's hot here, the normally cool forest was so steamy it felt like the jungle.  90 mins for me puffing up and down.  Best bit was the mid way snack of fat, juicy brambles.  Worst bit, being chased by a dog on the last downhill run ... I didn't meant to do a sprint finish ...

    Hello to any newbies, come and join the fun.  I'm only here for the beer   image

  • Just popping in to say hello hello. Ooh it's all shiny bright and sparkly around here. Still, it won't be long until there are muddy trainers strewn all over the place. Still not much running for me - two half hour sessions a week at the mo. Still some is better than none....s'pose.
  • Trot round Richmond Park for me this morning - saw loads of deer. At least a dozen red deer, and some others - fallow deer? Paler, smaller and spottier than red deer, but more appealing than I've just made them sound.

    Anyone wanting to follow DV on twitter by the way - he tweets as @arch_2_arc . Apparently he's having issues with bugs at the moment.
  • Good morning..  excellent ride yesterday..  I did 140 miles...  and have just seen on Twitter that Rachel completed her a2a swim this morning,,  so, she'll be on her bike and heading to Paris later today...   image

    It's all very real now..

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