Good Alternatives to VLM

Well got me down for 3rd ballot for VLM next year. Chances are I wont get in yet , so looking for another around that time. What maras would you recommend and why?

Dont wanna waste my training image


  • Windemere.  Stunning and challenging course with a great atmosphere.  Its a month after VLM so plenty of time to practice your hill work image
  • luv Windemere the place. Have been run/walk training and trying to time "walks" when I reach hills-lol Not too far from me so could make weekend of it. Worth considering image
  • The new Milton Keynes marathon is week after, that's what I'm planning to do if I don't get in VLM. I think the Manchester marathon is same weekend.
  • ta rlr image Seems a lot to choose from image
  • Edinburgh is in may, but has been organisational chaos last couple of years, not sure about it.Big race atmosphere, but they need to get themselves organised.

    Lochaber for a complete change of scene- usually between 1-2 weeks before VLM, less than 500 runners, stunnig scenery, no screaming crowds, nice cup tea and cakes in sports hall after, no travel/ parking problems, flat course- yup, it's my favourite. (scottish weather permitting)

  • ta tricialitt . I have thought a lot about popping up Scotland after the great reports from the relay and Kim has always fancied Edinburgh. For me Lochaber sounds great -lol . Well worth a think about.
  • Warning about edinburgh, starts off in city centre for first few miles then you head out to musselburgh sea coast and back..then the atmosphere starts to fade out a bit...

    last two years have been heatwaves, but generally the main problem is getting back to city centre after the finish.

    Probably too late to get in now, but brighton is building up to a good race and finishes off the main beachfront..
  • Want another London based event?

    How about the London ultra?

    It is a 31 mile race through the heart of London, and it is essentially a trail race.  The course covers parks, river towpaths, forest trails, and it is easy to forget that you are running through one of the biggest cities in the world. 

  • ta Carlo. Always fancied popping around Brighton to see where "Brighton Rock" was filmed (or some of it).

    Ben - I think an Ultra maybe a little too much. I have COPD and aim to Run/walk -with as much running as possible. Maybe the year after but cannot see it yet.
  • STU-

    If you intend to run/walk then a 50k ultra would be better suited to you than a city marathon.  Everybody will be doing it.  Also, there is no time limit for that event. 

  • very good point Ben image
  • windemere or Edinburgh look a good bet. Depends on funds for the latter next year image
  • training going well and fags going down too image
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