The Great Cumbrian Run Half-Marathon

Not long to go now !!.......Hows everyones training coming along ??


  • Training?............Not sure I fancy much of that, but since this race starts and finishes around 10 minutes from my front door I suppose I should enter. It's a great event, here's hoping for some decent weather.
  • Good to know your going for it Millster. What you aiming for this year ? If it's within reach of my meagre ability I may try and tag on the back of you. Hope the horse from the Brampton to Carlisle doesn't make an appearance !!

    Have you heard a date mentioned for the brampton to carlisle this year ??

  • Naaayyy! Sorry couldn't resist. Brampton to Carlisle is traditionally the third Saturday in November so presumably it will be the same this year. I'll remember that horse for a very long time. Not sure what time I'll be looking for in Oct. Something under 1.50 I would guess but how much under I'm not sure just yet.
  • If it's the 3rd Satrurday in November I'm out of it because I entered the Bill Barker 10k that was supposed to be in August but they changed the date to November 20th so as I've paid I'll be doing that. I just hope the organisers have the good sense to speak to each other otherwise they will both suffer.

    I did the GCR in just over 01:45 last year and really want to duck under that benchmark this time but we'll see how it goes. I have the Blackpool Hilton 10k at the start of Sept so that should be a good test for the GCR. Are you doin that ?

  • How's everybodys training going then?

    I wont be racing the GCR this year as i'm doing the Liverpool marathon the week after, but I never miss it as its my local race & is always a great event so I'll be jogging round at an easy pace!

    I'm pretty certain that the Brampton to Carlisle is on the 19th Nov this year.

  • Very quiet on this thread, surely there must be a few out there doing this race, only 2 weeks to go! image
  • There's def 2 of us running - unless One20Four has bailed out image
  • I'm doing with my wife who's from Penrith originally. We're driving up from London on the Friday beforehand. Looks to me like a fairly quick course

  • Don't worry Millster I'm still in. Did 12.5 on Saturday on some of the route. Those hills up to Cumwhinton are a killer ! I got to them about 9 miles into my run and am glad they coume early on the day.

    Not sure if sub 1:45 is in me but sub 1:50 should be within reach (will now look a bit silly if I'm over that !image)

    I spoke to the Sands Ctr today and they reckon we should get some instructions in the  post this week. Number collection at the Sands the day before or the morning of the race.

    Gonna do a couple of quickish 8's this week and 10.5 at the weekend then next week an 8 and a 6 then 2 days rest before the day .

    When I get my number on the Saturday I'll try and remember to put it on here. It would be nice to bump into a few "forumers" at the castleimage

  • Thanks for the elevation table, I had heard its a hilly for the first few miles but its re-assuring that it looks OK for the home straight. This will be my first GCR, should be good.
  • Think I might do this as well as Brampton to Carlisle.  I heard all about the horse last year - think I was too slow to see it. 

    Would this be a bad idea 2 weeks before a marathon?

  • Which marathon you doing Ian?

    You would be best doing the race at a steady pace & treating it as a traiing run (say 40-60secs slower than your marathon pace) then adding on 3-4 miles when you finish

    Anything much faster will have an impact on your marathon! image

  • Has anyone got their numbers yet? I applied on-line on the 1st September and have had nothing as yet.
  • Tom,

    My post above covers the numbers thing. They say letters should go out this week with instructions and number collection is at the Sands Centre the day before or the morning of the race.

  • image i'm doing it!

    2nd time

  • This will be my 4th GCR. Last time was in 2008 which is the only time I've run it on this course. After a flat first mile, there are a few longish drags until about the 5 mile point but nothing too steep. The only nasty hill from what I can remember is the little one at around 11 miles coming out of the park - short but sharp! I reckon it's a pretty fast course though - I got a PB last time.

  • Really looking forward to this one.

    Ran it in 2005 and 2006, but had to  pull out of '07 (and the Amsterdam half that year) due to injury.
    I haven't run a half marathon since, for a number of reasons, so I'm very excited about this comeback.

    Postman brought my number today 295. Bring it on.

    I hope everyone's training is going well.

  • Hi,
    My first ever 'race' of any kind since my teenage athletics days. Been a slob for 15 years or so and just decided I needed to do something. I've only managed a couple of 9 miles and a 10 in my training (building up through the weeks). Had a few calf strains through the summer training. Just hope i get to the start line and complete it ok (nursing a slight twinge now).
    My main aim is to run the whole course. Will be delighted to do that.
    Got my number yesterday...19


  • our numbers were posted yesterday image
  • Hi everyone, all remaining numbers went out yesterday.

    If anyone hasn't received theirs by Monday, contact the Sands Centre (01228625888) image

  • I must have been given duff info image My number came today too 100image It's the chip we have to collect on Saturday or Sunday.

    Hope everyone's training is going ok............not long to go now!!image

  • Got this from the race organisers.... 

    'We’re delighted to have a very special guest at this year’s event, former British, European, Commonwealth, World and 2-time Olympian Derek Redmond. Derek will be making the presentation to winners at 11.45am and will also be leading the pre race warm up. Derek’s presence at the event has been enabled thanks to title sponsor the Cumberland Building Society’s association with Aviva.'
  • i hope the winner gets a prize this year!

  • Still injured so Millster stands a good chance! first one i ve missed in the last 10 year,will be cheering on my mrs Good luck to you all


    how typical for Cumbria image and what a constrast to RTTB weather

    Going to travel up from London tomorrow, stay at the wife's brothers place in Penith on Friday then stay here Saturday night


    hopefully we won't be woken by the girl being dragged by her hairimage

    See you at the castle....wet most likely 

  • Getting excited about Sunday......3rd time and fingers crossed the best!
    Would much rather it be wet than 26 degrees- I'm a cold weather girl

    See you in the castle.....
  • Paul - why you asking if there's any prizes? Getting a bit ahead of yourself aren't you? Unless you were thinking about me! But don't worry - I think I'll be keeping you company on Sunday. Seems as though us elite athletes must all be injury prone right now.
  • And talking of injury prone - here is another old forumite of this event checking back in to say that I hope today has gone well for all who were taking part!

    I'm a 4 times veteran of the GCR (2005 - 2008) and like XL Man, that was the last half marathon I ran, again for a number of reasons. I'm currently laid up as well due to an injury I sustained playing cricket back in June which just doesn't seem to be getting any better!image

    It would appear that runningbagel has had her request granted in that the weather maps I've seen have all had a swathe of rain clouds across Carlisle this morning so at least you won't be subjected to the 29 degree heat that those "poor souls" in Gravesend have had to endure!

    It's reassuring to see some familiar names on the thread from years gone by....XL Man....glad you've been able to make a comeback after injury etc....perhaps I can try to follow your example and make my own comeback after injury etc next year. Hope you have a good one! And Millster - a constant part of the GCR for me - the forum just wouldn't be the same without you! Am I right in thinking that you are injured too? It must be an age thing - right matey?

    Very much hope the race has been successful for all concerned and look forward to reading some of the stories of the day later on the thread.image

  • Well well, I wondered where you were?  I was just mentioning to Paul as we watched today's event, that a few years ago we'd managed to gather together a group of runners (nearly said 'athletes' for a minute)  through the power of the Runner's World website.  The on-line activity was much greater in the old days, whereas this year there only seems to have been a handful of contributors, which is unfortunate when you think that connections are made which can last for several years - not that you'd want to call some of the riff raff your friends, but that's another story!

    Anyway, it's a pity you couldn't make it today Chris.  You would have put me to shame with my dodgy hamstring.  Not sure how it happened, but it's taking some fixing - maybe I'll need to bite the bullet and pay for some physio.     

    Seemed like a good event, again, although I think numbers may have been down on previous years.  The weather was just about perfect, at least compared to the conditions in the last few days, although anyone who didn't finish under 2 hours probably got a bit wet.  It will be interesting to read what those who actually competed thought of it.

    Special mention must go to Paul's better half who today achieved the time she's been aiming for since she started running.  It may not have been good enough to win, but I bet she felt as though she'd won when she saw her finishing time.  Well done to everyone who took part, and here's to next year - without the hamstrings..................................

  • The rain held off, for a while... After about 1hr 50mins the heavens opened!

    Photos will be on MyBibNumber

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