Goodbye Treforest Gump

Hi All

My darling husband, Treforest Gump passed away last Saturday after being diagnosed with terminal cancer last year. Running was his life and passion. The amount of times I used to moan when we got out of bed at 3 or 4 am in the morning to travel to races lol. I'd give anything now to moan about this again. His last couple of races were The Aberdare 10k 4/07/10, the Boddington Marathon 19/06/10 and the Dartmoor Discovery, which he disappointingly had to drop out of, probably due to the cancer. He loved this challange. There's quite a few runners I met when we were at these races. I remember quite a few from the Teighbridge Trotters, Running for Beer, Plodding Hippo and a lovely couple from up North but cant remember your names, we camped next to you at the Dartmoor Discovery 2 - 3 years back. I'll miss you all and wish you all the best with the running. For the people who met us but cant quite put a face to the name, I always had our 2 laboradors (puppies) with us Marley is golden and Maisey is a choccy lab.

Thanks all for the memories I have of you even if you never met my husband you shared the same passion.

Mrs Treforest Gump x


  • Thank you KK for pointing this thread out to me

    Mrs  Treforest Gump, I am so saddened to read of your news

    I remember you and your hubby.A lovely man


    thinking of you


  • Mrs Treforest Gump, so sorry to hear this sad news. It was my husband and I who camped next to you at Dartmoor a few years back. We had the good fortunne to meet your hubby there previously and also had a great weekend with him at Two Bridges in Rosyth. He was a true gem of a guy, can't believe he's gone.

    Take care, our thoughts are with you, Lorna xxxxxxxxx

  • image So sorry.

  • Many condolences.
  • Lovely pictures Mrs mac


  • I never met your husband, but my condolences on your loss.
  • Thanks for your messages. What pictures? How do I view them? I always remember Kev looking on a website for some running pics but I can t remember the site. Think it was Richard something???
  • Thanks to Mrs Mac for posting on Facebook.

    Mrs TG, I'm so sorry to hear the news.

    I will continue to remember Kevin with a smile as he always made me laugh. A great guy with a great sense of humour.


  • Rich Kenington is the photographer. He had some great photos of the Dartmoor discovery etc with Kevin in on his old site. I can't find it now so maybe its been taken off but I was looking at it only about a year ago so I'm sure Rich would still have them if you contact him.

    His new site is:

    Mrs Mac's (well, Lexi Tate's) photos were posted on facebook
  • I am very sorry to hear about your loss, that is so sad.

  • I am so saddened to hear this news. Last time I saw him was at Boddington last year, but I'll always remember him from Dartmoor Discovery... he was a lovely person and so much fun.

    My heart goes out to you and your family xx


    Mrs TG - I am so sorry to hear that Kevin passed away.   Those were indeed happy days at the Discovery

    Shades x

  • So sorry to hear of your loss, Dartmoor was a fun time.

      Thanks RFB and Trinity for mentioning on FB as I don't really come here much, and woouldn't have known...

     LT and Mrs LT..

  • I've just got home from the funeral and I can honestly say that this is the first funeral I have been to where it really was a 'celebration of his life'.

    Yes, it was sad, naturally so, and tears were shed, but overall it was a really special occasion that Kevin would have loved.

    The church was packed with around 200 people, family and friends, there were some really touching tributes including an exceptional one from Mrs Treforest Gump.

    It seemed that everyone had a story to tell that summed up who Treforest Gump was.... a lovely, lively, generous person who was full of fun.

    He was so well known and popular that even Elvis was there!

    Thank you Helen (aka Mrs TG) you did him proud xxx
  • Thanks Trinity, yesterday was a very special day for me and I was thrilled (but expected) to see the number of people who were there to celebrate his life, especially Elvis lol, I wonder if he's ever done a funeral before. Kev would have loved it. We didn't leave the pub until 11 last night and people were still telling me stories about him or showing me photos. Quite a few were drunk but I wanted to stay sober so I could remember them all.

    Thanks again

    Mrs TG x

  • Many condolances. Your husband sounded a man of great humour - being a fellow Welshman his forum name really made me chuckle!
  • Lol, he used to live in Treforest when he joined this forum so goes without saying it had to be Treforest Gump
  • Mrs TG

    I don't post here regularly and never knew your husband, so was quite shocked and saddened when I started to read your first post on this thread.   But it would appear that through the sadness there is happiness and that husband touched the lives of so many people; a difficult thing to achieve in reality.  You must be so proud of him!  I'm so sorry for your loss but I do hope that your cherished memories continue to bring you happiness for many, many years to come.


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