Salomon Rivington Trail Half-Marathon

Did this race last year, been raining heavily for a week and was quite flooded.  Superb last year, only criticsm is they ran out of water for the slower runners.  I'm sure that'll be sorted for this year.  Beware the huge continuous hill in the 1st couple of miles.  One of my favourite races of the year


  • I did this race last year & I'm trying to decide whether to go for it again. Loved it but as my 1st trail race I found it very hard! Still was great fun & unbelievable views!!! Just hope they sorted out that 1st bottle kneck at the stall, was amazed by the people willing to sacrifice manners for a couple of secs by pushing to the front!
  • Live right on the doorstep of this one and booked Lakeland Coniston trail race not knowing which date it was on! Dam! Great part of the country to run and great views from the pike across the North west, if you like really hard races in this neck of the woods Horwich RMI Harriers do one of the hardest 11 milers I have ever ran in February each year called the Winter Hill Fell Race if anyone is interested (mud hills and more hills).

  • There is a free recce run of the course at 10am, 17th September
  • That sounds good treadmill, was hoping to do Chester Mara this year but got injured.  Up to around 12 on my long runs at the moment so the recee sound perfect.
  • Should be good. Suits anyone doing the race, anyone mara training and anyone who just fancies a decent run image

    Dont have to register or be entered in the race.  Just turn up 10am Rivington and Blackrod School (Rivington Lane) and theyll be 3 ability group to run in. Not sure about the water station situation

  • Carry a water belt with you, if you're running in a group there;ll be plenty of water/energy drink between everyone to make sure you're ok.

  • Any one have further info yet on where and when to meet to receive number and etc for the race?
  • Just to let you know that race packs with the timing chip will be going out from next Monday.

    Andy and Shirley Staveley will be taking the free recce training run from the playing fields at Blackrod and Rivington High School on Saturday (17th Sept), just turn up for 10am start and they will split you into 3 pace groups for a social training run over the route.

    Friends who haven't entered for the half on Oct 1 are more than welcome to join us for the recce - the more the better.

  • I've just signed up for this, bit of an impulse thing really. I can do 10 mile on road ok, so this should be nicely testing!

    I was wondering what the usual attire is for this run, i.e. what's it like underfoot. I've only got my road shoes at the moment (asics gt something-or-others's).
    Also, what should i be wearing on top? A tech T shirt? base layer? can you tell I've got idea/experience at this?!

    Big thanks for any info/advice!

  • I wore semi trail shoes last year when the ground was almost a swamp in places and was fine.  As long as you’ve got a pair of road shoes with a decent grip you’ll be fine.  I wore running tights last year but will stick to shorts and a tech t-shirt this time.  Don’t wear really nice roadies though as you may wreck them.It’s a great race but don’t go out too fast as they 1st mile or so is nuts.  If you can do 10 on the road you’ll slam this, plenty of places to rest as there’s loads of stiles.  Enjoy it mate, beautiful race, and so much fun
  • Brilliant, thanks!

    I think I've read that they've changed the route a little bit to alleviate bottle necking at stiles, not sure to what extent though. 

    Cheers for the info, and good luck!


  • Hi Iain,

    We have taken out the first two styles at Rivington Tea Rooms and Village Green and now run on the road a little further down to the Village Club and right fust before the reservoir bridge picking up the route again at the drink station before Yarrow reservoir. On the way back you still go along the stream and across the field to the style at Rivi Green as it is much more spread out by then and not such a bottle neck.

  • I've just entered this on a whim, first half marathon but I've been running for a couple of years so it'll be OK I'm sure!

     Looks like the weather will be fine all week, including Saturday, so I was just going to wear regular road shoes (don't have any trail shoes).

    I entered on the 2:09 events website, I assume I'll get email info soon about where to get my race pack?

  • Hi Michael,

    Entries up to today will be posted their pack first class then after today will be emailed on the day pick up instructions.


  • just entered image
    looking forward to it - should be glorious! image
    sounds like there are plenty of water stations, but think I may carry a bit extra myself to gurgle on the way round image

  • Im taking my own water this year, just incase it runs out as it's going to be a hot one image
  • Guys, its going to hot, if you are going to carry liquid carry a sports drink not water.  The worst thing you can do is drink extra water as you will be sweating a lot and losing salt.  Drinking water will dilute the salt in your system even more, which is very dangerous. A sports drink will replace it. 

    If you are going to use water just pour it over your head.

  • Everyone ready for this tomorrow? Gonna be a hot one.  I believe there are three water stations but they did run out last year at the last drinks station for the slower runners.  Definitely an idea to take some with you.  Went round the first part of the course again on Wednesday and whilst it is a lot drier than the recce run the other week there are still muddy parts of tracks under tree coverage and where vehicles with big wheels have driven!!  Top half of the course the week before, and just 4 days after the recce run, had more or less dried up, apart from the boggy fields.   Good luck everyone, most of all enjoy it, its a beautiful part of the world.

  • Really excited about this now - just hope it isn't too hot. Good luck to everyone taking part, it will be beautiful tomorrow in Rivington. image
  • I will be there, but I am doing the rain dance at the moment as sunshine and running don't combine well with me normally !!!! Coming back off an injury hit season, so I will be using this as a nice little training race ... enjoy the views, share some banter and generally smile and grimace in equal measures.

  • WOW, that was a hot day out  ..... phew ..... 2hr 08mins for me and 196/356 on a course that doesn't suit me and with not that much training either .....  I am happy with that --- here is the route from my Garmin.


  • I got 2hrs 15 mins/240th place. Considering that was my first off road ever (no training, silly me... tut!) and first half, I'm happy. nice benchmark for next year! Currently say nursing all kinds of muscular/tendon aches. will definitely have to train properly next time.

    cracking goody bag, i have to say! You can wear a tech t shirt with a certain amount of pride, wear a medal and people think you're showing off!

    Cheers for the garmin, nice to see just what killed me!
  • Well that was one to remember! A killer steep uphill for the first mile or so and nothing like flat after that, but  can't say i wasn't expecting that. What i wasn't expecting was the heat. A lovely day but not so good for this sort of thing! Still, pleased to creep under 2hrs[1.59.39] but more attention to hill reps if i do it again. It's a lovely run though and the organisation was spot on.
  • See I always said it was a big hill!!

    I was really enjoying it until the water station at White Coppice - no water! Did manage to get some at the final station at the bottom of the bridle path though so that was okay.

    Think they must have radioed back to HQ for more supplies as I then got offered water by every marshall I passed!

    Delighted to knock 7 minutes off last year's time though very disappointed with the unisex (enormous) t-shirts. Not a patch on last year's for quality and fit.

    Well done to everyone who ran and hope it's a bit cooler next year. image

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