what shoes with orthotics?

Im just coming back from an ITB injury and i need to change my training shoes, however with the injury i needed to get prescription orthotics and although the ITB seem to have been sorted with the ortho's and a lot of stretching (fingers crossed early days) i'm getting a bit of discomfort in the inside of the knees and the lower shins on the outside??? Currently i run in Asics 2150's but my podiatrist did say to give my current trainers a while (although i need a new pair) to see if the discomfort fades if not i may need to go down to a neutral shoe as there may be too much stability using both. iv e been running again for the last 7 weeks and the niggles are still there so i guess neutral is the way to go but i do need a new pair of trainers as the 2150's are getting very tired. i needed the ortho's due to a slight difference in my leg lengths with my biomechanics being good. in short can anyone suggest a good shoe that would suit?
oh and the orthotics are ridged if that helps.

what to do??? i was thinking along the lines of Brooks ghost 4?


  • just an update,
    Got the Brooks Ghost 4 and although i am a uk 8 i needed to go to a uk 9 in these shoes but after a brisk 10k all the niggles seem to disappear so fingers crossed the neutral shoe did the trick. however early days i suppose, but and a big but the worse thing from coming back from an injury is that every niggle feels like its gona turn into a disaster so fingers,legs,eyes and everything else crossed.......hopefully i can get back to running.
  • Hi, I'm recovering from an ITB (I guess I was lucky as my fix has been just 'lots' of stretching exercises). I normally run in Gel Nimbus, but wanted to try a new shoe to complement the GN - the physio recommended alternating pairs of shoes between each run.

    Any views on the Ghost 4's since your last update?

  • i've been running in the Brooks since last Aug and everything seems fine regarding the injury and i haven't got a bad word to say for them in fact im thinking of getting the same again. However i do run with the orthotics.
    I would defo get your gait analysis carried out as you might just be surprised what it throws up.
    the Ghost 4's get the thumbs up from me and seem to be outlasting the Asics hope this helps.
  • Thanks, have decided to see if I can get some Ghost 4's, but am now having trouble tracking down a pair at a reasonable price - most places seem out of stock!
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