Triathlete's World Fab Four:

Nice to see how they got on


  • So after all the launch and hoopla, it's been perfect radio silence since the race ? Bizarre image

    Maybe RW should just hand over the keys for the forum to us, as we seem to generate most of the threads and traffic, and they can go play golf or summat.
  • quite bizarre really........ not one report from any of them.

    Must be recovering.
  • Waste of bloody time! I did the London Triathlon, and I would love to have been given what ever support these guys got, and would have followed it up with a race report... where as these guys did bugger all

  • they are all busy proffessional living in london...........they have busy lives and probably have had to do a race report for the magazine and so will not be able to do one for here as well......................or maybe TW have gagged them from posting on here until the magazine report comes outimage
  • be nice to let us know one way or the other, and then they wonder why we whinge about the selection processes they use.........

    watches tumbleweed tumble
  • boing.....
  • it'll probably be in the Triworld mag, perhaps TW has copyright image
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