When you have had a bad run

Hey all, Just ran my last 20 miler before i do the Nottingham marathon in September. But i have had an awful training programme. Constantly been catching colds, old niggles flaring up etc. I did my last 20 miler i could run close to goal pace. I was 40 seconds of per mile, breathing heavily etc. I even walked the last 300 yards due to sheer exhaustion. I feel a little down and i'm sure we all have runs were it just didn't feel right. What have you done to perk yourself up?


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    If I have a bad run when finsih forget it and hope for a good one next day

    did Leek half today was aming for 1h 35 but because it was so hot got 1h40 and with all the hills makes up for any bad bits i go though
  • just accept it's a bad day at the office...my recent build up for brighton was rife with colds, coughs and general lethargy and on race day ended up with mini heatwave which sapped the life out of me and was 6 mins down on my time from the previous year...

    I try to remember when this happens what actually happened and whether an easy week (scale back) or freshening up the routine also helps
  • at the end of the day at least your out there pounding the pavement. take comfort from the fact than on race day your pace will be up somewhat and that with every bad day there will be a good, confidence is granted to those people with expectations of greatness contentment is what the rest of us can best obtain. in short don't beat yourself up be positive.
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    We have bad days and good days.

    Relish the bad days as you need them as a comparator to know how good the good days are!

    As far as I go, I think about if there's anything obvious as to why it was a ' Bad ' run. If I come up with nothing I shrug my shoulders and carry on the next day/run. If I can see a reason then I know why. And then carry on the next day/run.

    Can't see any difference between the two approaches? You're right, there isn't any difference. image

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Man up and get back out there. Don't obsess
  • I have a bad run at least once a fortnight,its inevitable that its gonna happen some time.most important thing is not too get too hung up about it,these things just happen some times for reasons we cant explain.

    Focus on the next run is what really counts  in my book,then after your next one you will wonder what all the fuss was about


  • You're bound to have a rough run at the end of a mara training schedule, i once cried my way through a 15 miler, was hell!!

    One thing to remember though is that you did it, race day will be different but don't forget you didn't give up, so what if you walked a bit at the end, its a bloody long way.

    Give yourself a break and look forward to race day, you'll be rested by then and ready for action.

    Best of luck.

  • Whenever I come back from a bad run, I tell myself to remember the frustration I was in when I was in injured and unable to run...it helps puts thinks back into perspective for me image
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