Should men wear shorts with tights



  • I have taken to wearing lycra shorts beneath a pair of supprted running shorts to avoid the rubbing of parts during longer runs including the VLM.  The fashion works for me also in colder weather when I modify the ensemble to include lycra tights underneath shorts.  Now, as a plodder, I appreciate my gear box probably does not heat up to the same extent as some of the racing snakes out there.  However, I run safe in knowledge that my exercise-induced stack of pennies is not on show, that I won't get chased by unleashed dogs and any rubbed parts will be less stingy in the shower.  I do look like Mickey Mouse when the tights go on but the bottom line is: I do what works for me!

    PS. I wear black tights, run in the dark and avoid the offspring.

  • Thanks Nick, I think this is really good advice, I'll run with that image
  • Possibly the best thread I've read in a while!

    As for my tuppence worth, I just wear whatever- usually shorts, or trackies if it's really really cold.

    I'm considering investing in a pair of Ronsters to remind me of my high school days. They'd go well with my sideburns.

  • I am a wearer of skins half length shorts as they hold my bits in position and they prevent chaffing but I will wear shorts over them. I personally find the sight of another man with his tackle amplified by a pair of uber tight shorts/leggings slightly sickly. There is a guy on the ultra scene who regularly wears a skin tight red leotard thingy which is very alarming. He may as well cut a hole where his bits are and have big arrows pointing at it.

    I equally find the sight of a woman with the previously mentioned camel toe or cellulite ridden arse just as bad.

    In answer to the actual question is Yes cover up it looks ridiculous.

  • Still trying to work out the 'camel toe'image
  • Google images. It is sooo wrong
  • Time to enter some more racesimage
  • *Dill* wrote (see)

    In answer to the actual question is Yes cover up it looks ridiculous.

    But on the other hand .....

  • That is funny. Very Louis Spenceimage

  • I wear 2xu and Skins compression tights on winter training runs. No shorts on top as adds weight and would be too hot. Had initial chafing issues but now resolved thanks to vaseline. Wear shorts, vest and compressions guards for racing regardless of weather.

  • Male jockeys wear ladies tights...
  • vicky hardwick wrote (see)
    Male jockeys wear ladies tights...
    because they are small?
  • I wear shorts with tights, whats the problem?


  • My wife bought me tights...after a year i gave in...i now have 12 pair...she says i look good in shirt is a modest length and i always ask her opinion...she says it puts her in a good mood...she knows i feel the same about her in them. if we knew this years ago we would have 50 pair each...who cares what others think...we love our tights...and each other...12 years now...

  • ...short are great for people who are not used to the feeling of tights.

























































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