Asics Nimbus Widths - D, 2E and 4E

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I got my first pair of ASICS Nimbus trainers a few years ago from Sweatshop for my first marathon and have never looked back.

I'm looking to buy a couple of pairs in the states when I'm over next as they are a lot cheaper but I notice they come in D, 2E and 4E options.  I've long since thrown out my original pair and my last lot I got were from Sports Direct.  Looking at both websites they don't seem to offer different widths and there is nothing I can see on the shoe to indiate which width they are unless I've just missed it. 

Does anyone know whether these stores just offer a standard width, i.e. D and this is what I should be ordering state side?


  • I think most UK stores sell the standard width (D) and wouldn't normally stock the wider fittings so I suspect you've been wearing a D. my feet are like plates and fit a standard Nimbus OK

    and - why not try them on when you're in the US?
  • Thanks FB, I was going to order them on Amazon before I arrive and get them delivered to a mate out there. as they are are only $70. 

  • if they don't fit, then use Amazon's returns policy when you're there. sorted.
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