Ironman 70.3 UK

Having just done my first IM (Regensburg) I'm looking at things for next year and while full IM (Outlaw or Tenby) seems attractive but I'm tempted to go for the half distance and give it a really good go for the best time possible and use it as a stepping stone for Lanza 2013 (possibly).

After the waffle, how tough a course is it in comparison to others ?  I've had a look at the profiles and it looks undulating on the bike and run so how does it compare to the hills on the IM Regensburg course.  I know its all subjective but I guess any training would need to involve plenty of hill work.  

Also anybody know how quickly, it at all, it fills up (awaiting a response from the organisers on this as well)

Thanks in advance


  • UK 70.3 is reckoned to be one of the tougher ones on the circuit - tough bike, tough (mostly off-road) run. it also fills quickly so you need to enter asap to guarantee a place.

    it's probably not a 1/2 PB course - there are faster ones around like Vitruvian and Big Cow
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