running and biking

hi all , looking for some advice.can biking affect running training.ive been biking to and from work which is only a 10 mile round trip over the past couple of weeks .just done my 4th 10k and enterd the brum half marathon.thought it would help in training but it seems to be slowing me down and making my legs this a normal thing.has anyone else tried i loose the bike or keep at it.


  • My riding is suffering at the moment, because I'm running too much (35-40 miles a week), but partially because I've given up the Cyclo-Cross racing (reason why I started running)

    But then again, they do compliment each other, or triathletes wouldn't do it would they?image

    For that matter, others like Rob Jebb wouldn't be able to combine the 2 (8 times 'Three peaks Cyclo-Cross' winner & multiple 'Three Peaks Fell-Race' winner)

  • maybe its me then being a bit of a fanny then lol.will stick with it and see how it goes. cheers

  • Well, you've just added an extra load into your training week. My legs are often sluggish when I have a heavy week or two. It may just be that. You should get used to a new level of load, but it might be an idea to cut back before your actual races.
    As to helping with the training. It should help overall fitness, and is a cardio-vascular workout too. It will utilise some of the same muscles, and some new ones. However, you can't get run-fit by just biking, so make sure you keep up the running training.
  • Biking really helped my running.
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