Talkback: RW Half-Marathon Schedules For Your Garmin

I have tried to upload a half marathon schedule to my Garmin Connect for a 405 but it says it is the incorrect format and can only use .tcx, .gpx and .fit files. Any body help?


  • Don't you load the schedules in to Garmin Training Center, and then to your device?
  • Downloaded mine form the site in a KML format. Intermanaut is right you need to load it to your training centre and then import into your device
  • I cannot upload it to the Garmin Training Centre from my computer it says it is the incorrect format. Have been using the manual upload but says only formats are .tcx, .gpx and .fit files. I believe I have the latest software installed.
  • You must import as Workout
  • how do I run sub 1.40 without popping these bad boys?

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