Talkback: For Goodness Shakes Nectar Sport Fuel Concentrate

I'll give it a go. Their shakes are easily the best tasting and easiest mixing one out there, and I like the idea of not having a million bottles of lucozade lite taking up cupboard space.


  • Have tried a free sample and was pleasantly suprised. I normally use SIS products but like the sound of "pumping" the required dose rather than having to weigh it out, also having it available in pouches is great to take on those away trips for races.

    My sample was the lemon/lime flavour and was expecting it to be quite sickly but is was refeshing and didn't have the sticky, heavy feel you get with some energy drink products.

    I will be looking to purchase some within the next few weeks so will do a proper review for it after a few runs.

  • Tried lemon and lime as well, and really enjoyed it. Flavour is spot on, and makes you want to drink the stuff.

  • so it's sugar syrup, like they use in Starbucks? with a bit of salt added I expect

  • I've been thinking about this for a while, I like the Shakes for recovery, I only notcied that they were working when I ran out and they definately help the muscles feel a bit better! The Nectar looks interesting, I see they have a Blackcurrant flavour as well now and they sell starter packs etc. I would be interested to see Darren's review - i.e. how helpful is the Juice!

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