Nurofen warning


Just read this on another forum I loiter on. Apparantly some batches of Nurofen have mistakenly been filled with anti psychotic tablets.

Have a read and check your medicine cabinet, folks!


  • when i go to work tomorrow i will make it my personal aim of the day to take them all and report back........if i can remember the way home......image
  • I don't buy Neurofen.  No point when you can get the same thing but not branded for less than half the price.
  • Apparently it's Neurofen Plus (ibuprofen + codeine) which is is in question. I use it but haven't noticed any psychotic effects yet..... (now, where did I leave that machete?..........)  

    Actually, they didn't say on the BBC how you are supposed to know if your batch is affected. Which seems a bit pointless. 

  • on the link above it states the batch numbers and also point out the different colouring foil  of the tablets .........

  • Thanks Seren - internet police at work won't let me access the link!
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