Swinton Ten Mile

I have entered this as I was looking for a 10 miler in my comeback training and this was at the right time and not too far to travel. It sounds to be quite flat which is a bonus.

Anybody else running it


  • might give this a go , but will only make my mind up a few days before . just the usual questions ; is it easy to park the car ? is it well organised ? and how many runners return to run the race again?
  • I'm in, I did the Swinton Half a few years ago and remebered it as a good well organised race.
  • I did the women's 5.25 miler last winter and remember it as well organised too.

     Usual queue for the toilets at the start that you get with club races and limited facilities, good parking, friendly atmosphere, lovely, lovely marshalling (it was in the big freeze and about minus 5C and those marshalls dutifully stood there and stopped traffic around the side roads etc. all the same. Kudos to them).

    Am also considering doing the 10.

  • did the half one year
  • Did this last year, was fairly flat so should be good for a time. I really enjoyed it when I did it

    Only bad things are it is 2 laps and the finish is slightly past the start, only about 200 metres but not good when you are struggling (did this race 5 weeks after starting running) at the end of the race.

    Roads weren't closed but marshalls stopped all the traffic so wasn't a problem at all.

    Bit of a dull route.

  • Anyone know whether online entry is still possible for this?

    This is online which implies it is:  http://www.ukforms.net/onlineforms/php/Applicant.php?EventID=1097

    But it doesn't seem to be linked from the club website, which looks a bit dodgy http://www.swintonrunningclub.org.uk/2nd-swinton-10-mile-road-race--2011.html

    Would enter on the day but don't know what time entries close and I'd be travelling an hour to get there.

    Can anyone from the club shed any light?

  • I started this race today but dropped out after 5 miles through tiredness. I have posted more on why I did so at my blog http://calfstrainsrus.wordpress.com/.

     However I must say the race was well-marshalled, car-parking was excellent and overall I was quite impressed. I would be happy to do it again next year and hope everyone had a better result today than I did.


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