What do you like the smell of?



  • in no particular order




    car engine oil image


    the rose "Jude the obscure" i have in my garden

    new carpet

    and, it sounds weird, but does anyone remember the smell of the old red phone boxes ? no, *not* wee, but that warm papery smell of the phone books ?

  • Juliefrazz wrote (see)

    Edited: For spelling, and also because I've noted that 'fresh' is a bit of a common theme in my list. Good!


    I was beginning to feel like I was in a Morrison's advert image
  • Yes Play Doh used to smell great image




    Vanilla (real, not synthetic version of)

    Backstage (a sort of slightly damp brick smell, hard to describe) 

    The pavement after rain

    Cakes baking

    Shoe polish

  • A bag of chips from the chipshop with salt and vinegar/..................a taste I can never resistimage

  • Lillies,

    fresh cut grass,

    coffee (though hate the taste)

    A new box of Earl Grey Tea,





    I have a theory that people don't mind the smell of their own farts compared to other peoples as you get used to your own smell!

  • Ah yes lavender - I keep grabbing snippets of it to sniff as I walk past gardens
    Lemons, especially if you scrape the skin a bit with your nail

  • I do that with rosemary Parky if I see a bush of it.
  • Oh yes that too BDB.  I'll often surreptitiously be squidging it and other herbs between my fingers while I talk to people outside their gardens. image
  • Petrol fumes, oh and lit matches..not the safety type.
  • Cake straight out of the oven

    Hubby's cooking (usually)

    The cork from a bottle of wine

    Wild flowers

    And also most of the ones already mentioned, although I don't think I have ever smelt a freshly washed lady garden.

  • crushed garlic and sea salt...mmmmmmm
  • SuperCaz wrote (see)

    I don't think I have ever smelt a freshly washed lady garden.

    Exactly image
  • Garlic which has been sauteed for about 30 secs
    Frying onions *drools*
    Curry cooking

    I used to live next to a mosque, it was torture when they were cooking for the masses

  • cut grass

    baking cakes and roast dinners

    rain on hot tarmac

    clean laundry on the line


  • Baby powder.


    Cooking Garlic & Onions

  • Glue (especially the stuff from years ago that smelt of marzipan)


    Tarmac when its being laid

    My mums beef stew

    Edited: cross posted with Pixi - have to agree with creosote.
    Edited again. Tarmac when being laid was not supposed to be rude!
  • New carpet and the glue used to stick vinyl tiles down.

    My Dad was a floorcovering specialist and these smells remind me of childhood.

  • race tracks, the burning fuel, the burning rubber...
  • Freshly cut grass
    the doughnut room in work
    Line dried sheets in summer
    cigar smoke, but has to be at Christmas
    lavendar...or possibly lavander

  • toast

    frying bacon (but I'm not keen on eating it)

    like kwilter fresh laundry just in from the line, winter dried stuff smells different, just as nice, but different

    the air, just after a thunderstorm
  • Contact adhesive
  • Napalm in the morning?
  • Cloves


    Inside a new car

    Elastoplast Tape

    Firelighters image

  • The general whaft of barbeques on a sumer's evening.

    The smell of a 2 stroke bike as it goes by.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I've not long got in, sat down and opened the thread.  I would have been terribly upset if someone hadn't done 'napalm....' within 6 posts.

    I'm glad you didn't let me down, BDB.


  • Lol - always happy to oblige Mouse image
  • Jeyes Fluid


    Rain on Kinder Scout

    Fresh sweat on a woman

  • snails pace 72 wrote (see)



    Inside a new car

    Elastoplast Tape

    Firelighters image

    I read that as firefighters. image
  • Fresh, clean ones or when they come back from duty sweaty and smelling of smoke, Kwilter?
  • sweaty and smoky, obviously. image

    <drifts off into pervy thoughts>

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