Job seekers allowance

Our son who has special needs left college this summer and instead of enrolling him on another course we/he decided it was time he went out into the real world and sought a job!

As a family we have never claimed the dole, or sought any additional benefits, but as he now no longer qualifies for child benefit, and looking for work will be a struggle I decided job seekers allowance would put him in the system. Best thing ever! They rang, he went for his interview, and they have arranged for 2 weeks retail experience starting next week.

A positive experience so far, and he said the staff were very supportive and helpful.

Hopefully this will give him a boost to his confidence,a lift to his CV, and a proper job will turn up!

For all those other parents out there with kids who need a little extra help, this so far is working well. Fingers crossed.


  • Nice to hear the system is being used as it was intended, best of luck poster's son.
  • That's really nice to hear, best of luck to him.
  • I'm dont know what your son's needs are but has he tried claiming dla?  this is non means tested
  • Hope to finish........that is great eldest is in college and has manhged to find himself a parttime job one evening a week.......he did the job voluntary for 4/5 years on saturdays so had manged to learn the job and get the confidence...........

    Maybe if a job doesn't come for yourson after these weeks he might be able to get work experience......maybe something like the WVRS  at hospitals or in a charity shop......

    good luck

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