The Wall - UK's Most Iconic Ultra

Just seen this event advertised in Octobers issue of RW Mag and thought its right up my street being an Ultra runner!


At first sight of the entry fee it seems expensive and slightly stopped my enthusiasm, If I enter I intend running non-stop so I think I come under the heading expert-super early bird price of £120? Walkers can also do this event over 2 days so camping is included in the price for them.


What’s your thoughts?


  • I had the same thought, interesting but expensive. I too would aim to run it in a day, assuming the terrain isn't too tough. I'm hoping to enter the UTMB next year and it may be useful to have such a run in the diary early on.

  • Good luck with the UTMB Jonny


    I am thinking how may walkers are going to do this at these prices? Walkers normally pay less money than runners for events and if they are aiming it at walkers then I feel they could be shooting themselves in the foot with the price for the first attempt.


    Think I will see how things develop on here before entering.

  • Phil - I've taken the plunge and entered for the 'expert' option of The Wall for my first ultra.

    My two mates are waiting to see before committing and are initmidated by the thought of running all of that distance. We have no qualms about completing it on one go, but are unsure whether we will be able to run it all. It will be my first ultra so I've nothing to guage it against and therfore I'm not convinced I can run it non-stop, particularly as I'm expecting it to be fairly 'lumpy' given that it follows Hadrian's Wall route.

    Me and a mate did Hell Up Noth (Saturday) in 2:02 and 1:52 respectively.

    Any thoughts/advice?

    Agree that it seems quite expensive, particularly for walkers despite camping being included.

  • It looks good but the price is ridiculous..........between £120 and £180 for the single entry for the continious event....................

    and they don't provide transport back to the start or food at any of the checkpoints..................just a few snacks with water.............

    can't see why anyone would pay that price when the LDWA events are usually about a £5

  • The walk across wales in June is from coast to border 42 miles...............costs about a tenner and they ship you out to the coast and back from the border to your car at the end.........4 major food stops with cooked breakfast and sandwiches..burgers or salads at another..........

    you can run it as well as long as you are not too fast.........

    can't compare the 2 prices

  • S-Nos- I totally agree, I do many LDWA events and prices range from £5-£15 and you get great food along the way and well looked after and have made many Ultra friends along the way, I have however entered running Ultra’s (around the 100 mile mark) for just under £100 but you get loads for your money such as bag drops, travel back, hot food along the way, full support and sports therapist on hand etc etc. Would love to do it just for the sake of running The Wall with other Ultra runners but they need to do something about the price now I think, I would expect to pay £50-75 for this being a running Ultra in line with others on RW.


    Chris-P –  Well done on surviving hell in a great time, I also did Hell runner on Sunday in a disappointing time for me of 1 hour 39 but I did come straight from working a 15 hour shift Sat Night and ran to the start! The best advise I can give for running Ultra’s is walk up hills, conserve as much energy as possible in the first half (my pace is between 10-11mins per mile compared to my marathon pace of  7min miles), if you feel in the second half you could go faster then do it but remember that it is a case of just finishing rather than winning. Take plenty of fluids regular whilst running  but don’t bloat yourself (I use Nuun tabs for electrolytes and keep me well hydrated), eat plenty along the way and have a stop i.e. every 10 miles for 10-15 mins or so), this stopping is a great excuse to pig out on food and admire a nice view). Train hard and ensure you do at least a 20 mile run a week and a few other smaller runs starting ASAP, some say take it easy, I say no pain no gain and make your runs hurt in training. Some people may find other methods work for them but I find this works for me. Any more help you need please let me know, I might still run this yet put currently training for Bolton Ironman and a few 100 mile ultra booked before then plus running Brathay 10 in 10.image

  • Wow, this looks like a spectacular money making race to me. I'd want a whole lot more from the organisers for the price, unless they're understating what they will provide for the cost. Looks like a good route, I just wish a better organiser had found it first.
  • I fancy it...but too expensive. Would want to do it in one go, so don't need camping.

    Just done my first Ultra (70) last month, so looking for others that don't require navigation.

    Just done Hellrunner too! My third Up North.....

    Barry Fan (Ria)

  • B Fan- You certainly get around, I saw you at Great Langdale on Saturday.

  • pmo: funny you mentioned that... I often ran (until got pregnant) on Hadrians Wall and every time wondered why nobody had a race on it. I had also started, in my own little head, thought about doing race along it but with no experience of race organising and never done an ultra being an issue.

    Saying that... if anyone is wondering about doing it, GO FOR IT! Only ran on some parts along the north-west sections but the views are amazing. The price is definitely an issue and I'm holding off as there will be an arrival before then BUT shall ask your opinions (the more I get the more can think it through)...

    As I've never done an ultra, only half marathon, and will be giving birth nov/dec, I was wondering physically to my body in doing it in one day or over two days? What would be a typical time for this kind of hilly, possibly boggy terrain ultra? Thanks

  • I'm looking at doing my first Ultra this year and this one caught my eye, but the cost is off putting. Does anyone have any ideas about what may be a good alternative?
  • Just received entry to this as a Xmas present!  Ran my first marathon last year so needed a new challenge for 2012. Thanks for good advice above Phil - anyone else doing this?

  • There's a thread in the Ultra Running section, Timby.
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