Hardmoors grand slam

Has anybody here done any races in the Hardmoors series, and what can you tell me about them?


  • Hi

    Have done Hardmoors55 twice. Grim weather 2010. Good conditions this year.

    Great trails, fantastic scenery, killer hills, night running - its got it all. Highly recommended. Imagine the others are similar, dont know much about coastal sections. Considering 110 next year.

    Any more info happy to advise



  • I thought that the Hardmoors 60 might be a good way to end my 2011 ultra campaign with a bang.  Trouble is that I did pick up an injury in the NDW100, and while I am recovering well, I wonder at the advisability of taking on a race this difficult so soon after. 
  • I think only you can decide that one - depends on experience, fitness etc. The thing that puts me off that race is running through seaside resorts with all the punters around!

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