Hi everyone,

 This is a new idea I am working on, I am designing Tshirts under a new brand that I have created, any feedback on them would be very much appreciated. I am at 27 years old (a veteran!!) runner and am always looking for inspiration. I don't see why I have to go out running and not be able to still look cool and individual, so heres an answer:


 The site isn't fully functional (no purchase yet), I am looking for feedback on my designs and if you would be prepared to run in one of my tshirts.

Thanks to all that reply!!


  • Personally speaking, I don't get or relate to the designs as such I would be unlikely to purchase one.
  • Thanks for the feedback, every reply appreciated, I know they wont all be to peoples tastes.

     I notice your profile pic is a blank tshirt image

  • 1. they are look cotton

    2. they are mens fit

    3. there are better designs on my race t's

    So it's a no from me

  • Terry, you're in breach of the site Ts&Cs as you're effetively advertising so I would expect this thread to get kazzed.

    The t's look good though but as BB says above, they look cotton and as a veteran runner, you know we don't run in cotton any more.

  • Don't like any of them. TBH I don't run to look cool, I run to run. I'm tempted to say that it wouldn't matter what I was wearing because I'm going too fast for anyone to see, but the reality is that it doesn't matter what I am wearing because I'll still look bright red, sweaty and haggard!
    I just want stuff that is comfortable, does a good job, and is cheap!
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    I like the smile tees. Personally I like nice kit that's interesting, so long as it's functional. The tees would need to be technical, light and sweat wicking. The designs look okay, but just because they're running tees shouldn't necessarily mean they need some running associated slogan or image on them.
  • I like to run it kit that looks different and that appeals to me.

    I do actually run in cotton T's - usually cotton viscose lycra or cotton lycra. - better than nylon or polyester of nylon lycra except for support. then I'd use supplex. I have got some very light nylon lycra but it's expensive.

    They seem to me to be designs for young men not older runners or females. I much prefer explosion in a candy shop type designs.

  • I wouldn't touch anything that's cotton: it'd be discoloured with sweat within five minutes, even in winter.

    As to the designs... They are far too 'hipster' in my opinion. People who run 5k and further tend to be rather down-to-earth, practical people. I'm not saying we don't like to spend money on good-looking kit, but all my Saucony, Falke and Underarmour stuff is nicely fitted and under-stated. I like garments like sporty little skirts, scapris and seperate sleeves they make for the ladies these days.

    I show off that I run by wearing stuff that caresses my muscles (and shapely arse, lol) and that I can practically run long distances in; not by wearing a garment that says 'Run free' or '26.2' in big neon lettering on it. That's not to say that I don't like to wear bright colours. No, I don't want to look like a prat by sandwich-boarding my pass-time when I'm in a restaurant or at the cinema, either.

    Just giving requested feed-back. Out of the runners I know, I'm one of the ones who's prepared to spend more on kit.
  • they just don't cry retro to me, either in design or fit. Retro would be funky colours and stripes with 70's styling. And they have nothing technical in their design, no breathability or mesh, no reflective detailing.

    They seem expensive for £20. I could buy a decent techT from DW sports for £15

    Sorry. image


  • Most points have been said but here's my reasons for not buying any.

    1. Men's fit

    2. Neck too high

    3. No reflective detail

    4. Hate cotton tees

    5. The designs just don't grab me

    6. Too expensive for what they are 


  • ??20 for a men's cotton t?!
  • Ok i see what the problems are here is

    Cotton get wet it stays wet. Uncomfortable hot or cold weather.

    They are not fitted either and that means excess fabric flapping around.

    Again not good

    Finally the visual designs

    Dire. You are 27 so the 80's for you was pretty much babyhood.

    I was there in all its dayglo chevron glory. It didnt look like your t-shirts

    I would start looking at the Nike t-shirts of the time. Nike was the bomb. Everything else was an also ran

    Then you have companies like Ocean Pacific ( had a mate who lived in that stuff. Came from NY never even seen the Pacific!)  Ellesse, Tacchini, Fila even ( thats not a joke)

    Remember the 80's was just an update of the 70's with all the go faster stripes and track pattern lettering. You have some of it right with the repeatition of slogans just not the right type and colouring. I still have a Nike "Just Do It" t-shirt. Its cotton of course but sometimes I just put it on and pretend im 18 again.

    Dont listen to these auld farts. Just listen to this auld fart!

    Good fortune



  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    What's that saying from the world of fell running; now that in running terms is what you call cool, cotton kills. Actually, if you get wet wearing cotton in freezing conditions, you'rd be better off getting rid of the shirt. Even Bear Grylls has said that. You'rd be cool alright, as in hypothermia.


  • So that was pretty much a no then from all the responses so far.

  • As RW haven't deleted this forum yet (at my request as I now know you shouldn't advertise on here!), I thought I should reply.

     From all the feedback, I have realised the message (what the t-shirts are for) is mixed and needs changing.

     From beginning the design process it was always the idea to create t-shirts with running designs on. The description 'running t-shirts' I now realise creates confusion. So......

    1. They are to be worn whenever the mood takes you.

    2. They aren't technical T's, but you can exercise in them if you want.

    3. Places to wear them: pre or post race, around the house, in the pub after the race. Not recommended for wear in restaurants or when fell running! Being a recreational runner I would wear a waterproof jacket if it was raining, not just a t-shirt.

    4. They are inspired and designed with running in mind.

    So technically they aren't 'running t-shirts' in the context of wicking and technical.

    Thanks everyone for the feedback it has helped.

    Outsoul T-shirt's - Inspired and Designed by Running.

  • £20 for a cotton t-shirt is still an awful lot of money, though!  Pre and post run...I'll be wearing what I'm running in and I don't wear cotton t-shirts anyway.

  • Got to say I don't get it, if their not 'running t-shirts' then what's your USP? £20 for a cotton t-shirt ?

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