classic quarter

just wondering if anyone has done the  endurancelife classic quarter if so how was it??


  • Hi Debra,

    Yes I have and I loved it. If you know the Cornish coast path you'll have a good idea of what it's like! I'm not a fast runner and I made the cut off times ok. And it was only my 2nd ultra.

    If you don't know the coast path just expect lots of up and down with lots of granite in the way! And a long flat bit when you hit Mount's Bay. (Beware the headwind!) There's a good video on youtube that someone uploaded last year.

    Hope that helps! ? image

  • thanks for that. my husband and i are looking at entering next july. have done a few cts marathons so are familiar with the terrain. have never done ultras before so are unsure  of entering.would love to give it a crack though 

  • do you know when the race is next year? I'm interested in entering but wasn't sure if it was on as they seem to be doing the UTSW instead which I think is on the same route.
  • I believe they're going to run them on the same day - so you get a choice of 44, 60 or 100 miles. image
  • Nice! Think I'll wimp out and just do the 44!
  • Hi all. I walked and camped the first part over a few days last week to Penzancw. It is absolutely stunning at the moment with wild garlic and fowers blooming everywhere.


    Booked camping at Henrys campsite down at the start line at the Lizard. 


    I have not had a dibber through the post. Has anybody else received anything. I have also payed for a charity place but cant seem to find any information about the charity we are supporting. I believe it might be Cornish hospices. Does anybody else have any information on this?

    Many thanks


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