Blood blister... to burst or not?

Got a blood blister forming on right toe after the 20 mile bug run today in Liverpool..

quick question - to burst or not? wasnt sure.

I was wearing thousand mile socks too... maybe I should put a claim in image


  • unless the pressure gets too painful then I wouldn't burst compeed plasters and put one on it and leave for days.................image

    you will probably get 101 different answers of what to do with a blister......

  • Personally I burst them.

    Needle and thread, soaked in antiseptic - pull the needle right through, leave the thread there to help it drain (not indefinitely!!).
    And I never use compeed, but that is only cos I'm lergick to them!

    99 more answers to go...
  • Lol. Guess I toss a coin on responses to burst or not. image
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I was always told not to burst them.

    Just for a laugh i did an experiment when i had one on each foot (same spot). On my left i burst it, on my right i let it heal under the blister itself. Result? Right one had no issues and went within 4 days. My left?..... it didnt heal for another two weeks and was more painful to run on.

  • Perfect! Good call Emmy
  • Hi Cat,

    I suffer terribley with blood blisters, and usually just leave them.  More recently though I popped the blisters,with very sterile technique.  A week of horrendous pain, complete rest and course of antibiotics later, and they eventually started to heal. 

    For sure what I've learnt is to stay well alone - the liquid in the blister is there for a reason - to protect it and speed up healing.  I'll not meddle again with blood blisters in a hurry.

     Good luck!  Anny

  • As seren says, stick a compeed on and forget about them for a few days and it sorts out remarkably quickly. I found no problems with running on them the following day once I had the compeed in place.
    I've only just discovered them after years of bursting carefully and I'm a convert straight away.
  • cool. will get some compeed plasters tomorrow.

    thanks everyone.

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