Am I odd?

I did a speed session yesterday and died on my a*/se.

I began to ponder the futility of it all and went into a right old sulk.

This morning I arose from my pit with a grade 'A' head cold(runny conk,sore throat,eyes welded shut the works).

Now I am really pleased as the reason I was so cr*p was more than likely due to a virus.

Does this make me strange?


  • No
    It makes you sneeze.

    Seriously, if I am feeling a bit below par, its reflected in performance. Don't panic, far better than feeling great and running crap.
  • Barkles

    What I mean is I feel happy that ive got the cold coz it gives me an excuse for my bad session.

    Thats either dedication or stupidity,cant make my mind up.
  • Hi DannyM, I believe that the most important session of the week is the speed session, however crap it felt it did you some good, I have only run for 50 miles in the last 7 weeks, but on Monday set a new PB for 5km by 33 secs, down to 18:28, it works for me, it may just work for you too.

    Best wishes
  • DannyM -- a sign of the body fighting a virus/infection is increased metabolism and as V-rap wisely reminded me a few weeks ago, your body can either run or repair, not both. You have an excuse for your crap performance - but you also have one to do better once the cold has passed ;)
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