Night running clothes

Winter is still far away but it will be defenetly come! So i will have to run when its dark. A lot of brands only have really dark clothes what can be really dangerous in the night. Does anyone have a good brand who has clothes, specially made for this condition (a lot of reflectors or even glowing material)?


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    I normally wait until the clothes come on offer in Aldi or Lidl - they do some decent reflective gear.

    I bought a hi-vis jacket from JJB sports that works a treat too.

  • tons of clothing for night running that is high viz with reflective bits.

    you can also wear bands and carry a light - Ronhill have some that you can wear on your arm or back, they are very small light weight things.

    you can also use iron on reflective spots and the such like. I had a t printed with reflective logo.

    I also wear some clubbing gear - high viz glo in the dark stuff.

    Saucony do a range of night running wear (Vizipro), as do Ronhill, it'll probably easier to find come darker nights.

  • Just get a hi-viz vest designed for running, you can then wear it over whatever clothes you want to run in.

  • Poundland do a velcro reflective 5 LED flashing arm band too, they last for ages, i bought 3 last year thinking the batteries would only last a few runs, but they went on for months each even after a rain run or 2.
  • Thanks a lot everybody!

  • Think poundland or similar shops, do high visible vests for cycling. They do the job.

     Also the cheap white/light coloured baseball caps are good.


    I buy the iron on reflective bits. Some are a bit fiddly, I also use a die cutter to make different shapes, just because. Obviously not if you want cheap and cheerful no hassle but I'm not that sort of gal.

    This is who printed my T's. I ride a bike - the engined sort, as well as pushie and run - not run or cycled in the vests but they look light weight enough, just a bit big for small people. Anyway, you can have any design you want made up which is good if you like that sort of thing. - oh and I supplied my own T's - sports ones with lycra and the printing is still good after many uses and washes.

  • I came at it from a different angle, looking for a running jacket for winter that was warm enough - assuming there'll be snow again this year!

     Anyhoo, two birds with one stone and all that, I found a bright lightweight jacket - the Ronhill Vizion Microlight - over at Sweatshop's website for £37, down from £60. So it depends what you want to spend really, but I like looking for bargains. (Same jacket is £40 on Amazon, via a third party SportsShoes Unlimited.) P&P for both 4 or 5 quid.

    Or you can pick up a Time To Run hi-viz bib vest for £6 on Amazon!

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