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  • Good finale. Nice to see the French turn up at last. Wish they would let the rest of us know how they manage to keep scaring the brown out of the All Blacks.

    On balance NZ did enough but wouldnt have been a surprise if France won, given their performance on the day. The NZ might have to stop handing out a "10" jersey - it seems unlucky. Perhaps a "9.9" jersey or 5*2 jersey.

    Overall a good competition, some good rugby. Interesting that teams need a balance of a good frontrow/backro/backs so maybe the rules are getting something right.

    From an Ireland perspective was expecting the worst so wasnt too unhappy with the result - QF was a fair reflection of how they  played.

  • I think France needed to play like that after all the criticism they'd had during their group games and the controversial win against Wales. I'm sure Lievremont was glad to get the monkey off his back as well after all the flak he'd given the squad.

    so, the best overall team of the tournament won which was the right thing to happen. well done NZ.

    best French player on the day was Dusatoir and it's nice to see him getting the recognition as IRB Player of the Year. I guess giving it to Richie McCaw (for the 4th time) would have been taking the piss a bit, even though he was again the best Kiwi player in the final along with Reid.

    so we have 3 of the top 4 sides with new management on the horizon - Henry has retired, but his successor is yet to be chosen; St Andre comes in to take over France; and the Welsh contracts for Howley, Edwards and McBryde are up, although Gatland has his contract to 2015. Edwards is being very cagey about his plans with Wasps and I wouldn't be at all surprised if England are trying to snaffle him away to work with Johnson as I don't see him replacing Johnson somehow. but hey - who knows??

    it will be all very different in 4 years time.

    can Wales keep improving and be contenders again?
    will Ireland have a good new young squad?
    will Scotland ever get any decent players to get consistent results?
    will England ever find out what to do with all the ball they win??

    whatever, I suspect the Southern teams will still be the main contenders.

    onwards to 2015

  • Lovely picture, Kwilter image

    France fined for Haka breach! image

    I'd like to see a new winner for 2015, I think it would be good to spread it outside the Top4 *coughFrancecough*

    Looking forward to the 6Nations next year with lots of changes for most teams. It will be interesting to see how Argentina go in the Quad(?) Nations next year as well.

  • haka breach image

    that's properlly wound me up - i've always loved the haka and the traditions it tries into the game, but im sick of how prissy the kiwi's are about it

    remember their sulk at MS 2006 and nonu's comments RE welsh were looking for a fight ...

    dare i mention BOD...

  • Dusatoir has been immense for France for a number of years - fully deserves player of the year..

    FB - Reid is easily the best 8 in the game - beast of player

  • To be fair to NZ Mr Zuvai I don't think they've complained this time, it's just the madness of the IRB.

    So who was your player of the tournament, what was your favourite match/try etc?

    For me the best player was probably McCaw as he seemed to play most of his matches on one leg and the pressure from the fans must have been immense.

    My favourite neutral game was probably Japan v. Canada - drama right down to the end! My favourite French game would be the final where they finally put on a whole performance.

    My favourite try was Clerc's against England. It's probably not technically the most demanding as the defense was shocking but when a player has time to do a pirouette on the way to the line, that's class! image

    <packs away French jersey until next February> image

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    The madness of the IRB, oh yes indeed!  First the Kiwis brought the haka, then the Welsh sang back at them, now everybody is allowed to sing their anthems but the Kiwis still get a haka as well?  The game should kick off before they're allowed to do the haka, and then we can see if they still want to dance.

    I do think everyone's a bit precious about it.  Rant over.

    Favourite neutral game was the final.  Player of the tournament for me was Adam Jones (would any team not want him?), or maybe Maxime Medard as a neutral because I enjoyed watching him with the ball so much.  Favourite try?  That might be New Zealand's try in the final, for sheer professional excellence, taking the training onto the pitch and executing perfectly.  Or it might be Mike Phillips against France, because it turned a stadium into a gibbering bag of nerves for the next twenty minutes.

    <packs away Welsh jersey until December and revenge time> image

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Oh, forgot to mention. Wales down to 8th in the IRB rankings.

    Argentina (beaten), Ireland (beaten) and England (beaten) above them.

    There are quite a few things the IRB should take a look at.  Never mind, though, they'll all fall again.

  • Ooh, I'd forgotten about that match Ratzer. Something to look forward to when it's cold and grey outside. Hope it's on the BBC rather than ITV and their awful commentary image
  • I don't get the IRB rankings either - how bizarre. but I don't think they count for much in the real world, so let's not worry about them.

    anyhoo - time to shut this thread down now I reckon and then we can have a 6 Nations 2012 one to waffle on in
  • <throws dustsheets over the thread, switches off lights and locks door>

    Key is under the doormat for the next rugby thread image

  • bye bye thread, sweet dreams
  • image Sorry only just had chance to look. NEMO sorry you didn't win but what a way to come second. Well done le blue's!

    fat buddha wrote (see)
    I don't get the IRB rankings either - how bizarre. but I don't think they count for much in the real world, so let's not worry about them.
    image If your not in the top 8 sides you don't get seeded for a world cup and there are qualification issue's. I think that might be part of the reason they are so strange so the IRB can always make sure the big teams get in and stuff.
  • slowfoot wrote (see)

    ALL BLACKS  anything else just isn't rugby

    I don't want to say I told you so, but I told you so !
  • my admiration for this lad grows; Sam Warburton

    there seems to be a growing culture of "blame the ref" developing in rugby - but it great to hear him talk about this objectively

    at the time i was spitting and incredulous about the red - but in hindsight acknowledged that it was a harsh but probably the correct decision

    looking forward to see the player he develops into - already a world class 7

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