Just How Much???

Hello all
Ive been browsing over the last week at lots of the threads and thought it was cool to start your own!!
So just how much mileage are people putting in a week
Ive had a big week this week because im a personal trainer who has to train all the clients whose ambition it is to run a marathon???
Im up to 50 miles already and still three days left this week
My feet hurtttttttttttt


  • what are you doing??? this is a running question!! Surely you've realised that you can't post on UFRC unless it's some daft subject like biscuits.
  • Excellent one Doobs :)

    I have run since Monday 5km, yes 5km thats right, will be running on Sunday 10km, but nothing planned before then, speed sessions are my making not distance, I leave that to other forumites :)
  • I run 12miles on sunday,8or9 on wed,and 6 on friday that keeps me ticking over just nicely,I may pop into the gym on tues,just to use the weights.
  • Looney toon,

    I plan to be running a total of 25 miles this week and am gradually increasing that by 10% a week. I've just calculated that if I continue increasing at that rate I will peak at 185 miles for the week in the middle of next February, allowing a sensible taper before the FLM. If Emile Zatopek can do it, why can't I (well ok, I know why I can't).

    Anyone out there fancy a bit of a Friday boast - what's the most you've ever clocked in a week? Who is our king and queen of the road?

  • I've only just started running (two weeks ago yesterday). So the most I've done in a week so far is 20 miles.
  • Tim,

    How high would you hope to go? As most intermediate level marathon programmes that I've seen peak at around 45 miles, what were you running when you did your marathons. Also, if you built a base to around 40 miles, which sounds like what you're aiming for, would you run a marathon off that or build higher?

  • Erm I've done 8 miles this week, being on shift really doesnt help , if i do a morning run I have to get up early and an evening run is to dark
    arrrgh !!!
  • Tim

    I like details. So you ran your second marathon off a long run of - what? - about 10 miles? That is heresy!

    What sort of base would you like now?

  • So even when marathon training, your long run would peak at 15 miles? That's very interesting.

    The big problem I have with marathon training is/will be the weekend run - not in terms of doing it, more in terms of the domestic chaos it causes.

    I can go up to about 15 miles and be OK afterwards and can be back home functioning as a reasonably competent parent by about 10am. But longer than that and a/ it takes a very long time and b/ I'm a zombie for all of Sunday.

    However, I have a lot of domestic flexibility during the week, so 5-10 miles a day would not be a problem timewise.

    Your schedule seems very different to the traditional marathon workload - i.e. you don't pile about 50% to 25% of total mileage all onto that one long run.

    I wonder if this could work for me? Is it a schedule you use out of choice or necessity?

  • I am fascinated how "ordinary" people manage to fit in much more than 35 miles a week,and that's a struggle for me.I am trying to gear myself up for the FLM (or another spring marathon if I don't get in!),but I find it difficult to get more than 4 times a week,I suppose that's mainly my fault as I also do weights(lunchtimes) 3 times a week.

    I have started to do the early morning (dragging on the shoes at 5.30 in the morning) bit once or twice a week but I can't see myself having much motivation on a cold winter's morning.

    After tea's difficult aswell with the night's drawing in.I suppose I just have to stop whining and get down to it.I would like to know how other father's with 3 kids who occasionally want to meet their families in their own house,manage.

    Any ideas or sympathisers ?

  • Hi all
    Thanks for joining in on my question - sorry for those I offended by not choosing biscuits as a subject!
    Sounds like your all running pretty well and clocking up those miles.
    I especially like Ians comment on how normal people manage to fit in all these miles.
    How many of you are normal because im certinaly not
  • Ian,

    I also have two children (for the time being). When I started running - about 18 months ago? - I probably made things much more difficult for me and my family trying to stick to a precise schedule. Looking back, I was very bloody minded about it and ohhh the rows we had.

    Now I've become more flexible and, at the same time, I think my wife has accepted that running is here to stay.

    My aim at the moment is to run lunchtimes in the week and early morning at weekends. My rule on the early mornings is, if the children are awake, I don't go running because it is not fair on heavily pregnant wife. Up at 6am will usually do, but if I need to be up at 5.30 so be it (although I've never actually done that yet!).

  • Tim

    Regarding your enjoy comment...why people do push themselves in running is one of the great mysteries, although I do it myself.

    As a beginner running a marathon, for example, the difference between running say 4.30 and 4.50 must be enormous. If you need to grit your teeth, suffer, dig deep etc to achieve the former, you could probably manage the latter in comfort and waving to the crowd all the way round.

    When I finished NYC I remember thinking that marathons are such fantastic events and taking part at any pace - ideally a nice comfy one - is a wonderful experience. Then four months later I pull out of my FLM training with only a few weeks to go because I've injured myself over doing it.

    We forget the pain of running marathons, but we also forget many of the pleasures.

  • Tim

    Yes I've also had to take a longer lunch break, but then I just put in an hour of work after kids have gone to bed.

    I was thinking about possibility of running while looking after the new boy child. Maybe if I had a treadmill I could listen out for all the sprogs while running at the same time?

  • Sorry LT - I am now worried about having offended you by not answering properly! But it was too good an opportunity to miss, and my humble running distances would probably not impress (0-10 when not training for a 1/2M, 12-26ish when following a schedule).
  • If I had one running buggy I'd need three as the other two would want to come. Could maybe tie them together and make a train?

    Regarding "chasing our dreams", it may be true that we are trying to achieve our own personal goals, but often these are derived from the achievements of others. For example, at the moment I would love to do London to Brighton and would be happy just to finish within the allowed time. But I know that I would quite soon analyse past finish times to try to work out what someone of my age should be able to achieve - which would be based on what others of my age have achieved - and that would become my goal.

    So all our goals are interwoven.

    If all the other 33-year-old males running marathons would just sloooow down a bit please.

  • Hi Doobs
    No offence taken I'd much rather talk about biscuits but if my boss found me researching on the internet (this is what I have told him)about biscuits he would have one of his turns. - Obsessed health freak with perfect diet put on earth to provide help to all.(insane health club owner)I can get away with this of course as I do live with him
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