New to Half Marathon

Hi I have been running for just over 15mths. Run 3 x5ks pb on those is 29.52. Also run a 10k and time on that was 1hr 6mins.

I'm thing about doing a half marathon but really want to give my self loads time to train for this before enetering one. I do have one inline for next March.

I take a beginners running group on Monday evening that is walk/run - walk/run. I do a long run a Sunday 10k. Can any one please help with a training plan to help achieve my goal of wanting to do a half marathon.

I get really tired when when doing a 10k, also my legs feel very heavy?

Regards Nikki (moorside motivators)


  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    Run more now, lots more, nice and slow and easy, but don't start a training plan until December.  Starting a plan now could be counterproductive in terms of motivation.  There's too much could happen between now and March.
  • Hi Thank you for the reply, how ofter should i run and at what kind mileage's are you thinking i should be doing.

    Many thanks Nikki 

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    You should probably consider completing a half marathon before you decide whether you're going to start getting competitive with yourself in one.  After all, as long as you finish it will be a PB.  So for the first one you don't have to go overdistance in training.  Probably 11-12 miles a couple of times before the event will be enough to ensure you can complete the distance on the day.  If you are able to do more, going to 15 or 16 miles in long runs once or twice before the event will give you a better return on the day.  So, by the time you start to taper about a week before the event you should have one long run (11-12), one mid-week (assuming you run long on the weekend) long run around 8M, and maybe three other runs of about 5-6M each.

    So your goals before December could be to make a 4-5M run seem comfortable, and to work up to 4 runs a week, with no pressure on either goal in any one week.  Please don't get concerned about speedwork or quality training or anything like that.  A 5M run in an hour will be more benefit to you than a 3M run in 30mins, which is near your race pace.  No worries about intervals either.  Try to stop run/walk when you are running by yourself, but make sure your runs are still enjoyable.  The best thing is looking forward to your next run.

  • I've just signed up to the Silverstone half in March and I have no idea where to start- the only race i've done is a 10k!
  • Hi Ratzer,

    Since we last spoke on here I have up my mileage and all going great, managed to do a practice half marathon run Sunday we managed 20k in 2hr 7mins nice and steady. Really enjoyed it. Still managed to put a four run yet, but all going really well.

    Thanks Nikki

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    That's really good progress.  So good to hear you really enjoyed it!
  • Yep really did enjoy it. Signed up now for the wilmslow half. So fingers crossed. I will start my training as you say in December, any advice on best way to do this?
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    With a plan.  It gives you something to aim for, but you have to be easy on yourself if you happen to miss stuff.  Your plan for a half should involve a couple of longer runs, which will be the long one (usually on weekends known as the LSR) and a slightly less long one midweek to back it up.

    If you've run a more recent race than above, plug your times into something like the McMillan calculator to give you some training paces.  This will give a good idea of what paces you could be running your training runs at.

    It is important to go faster sometimes.  As March approaches you should be planning to get a run in each week that has an increasing few miles at your race pace (as according to the calculator or by how you feel).  Through Dec and Jan you might throw in a Fartlek run once per week as this is light on difficulty but entertaining, and you can gradually progress this in towards race pace.  Strengthening is also a possibility if you have time, so finding some gentle/not so gentle hills on your routes will get your legs a little stronger.

    A lot depends on how much time you have available to train - whether you're getting closer to those 4 runs per week yet!?

  • Well done so far!

    Try the Smart Coach programmes that are in the Training Tab, above on the RW site. They are quite good, and will give you a plan. Its always best to have one!!

  • Cheers will look at that later & thank you. All going really good, hope to get another training night in soon.

    I already do one night strength training, with weight, lunges, squats arm stuff and core building. But that's only one night as I find after this my legs, arms and core really do ache. But have three good runs a week, one long one on a Sunday & two shorter 10 to 15k in the week image)

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