Running/fitness work when tierd/stressed from work?

Just wondering if anyone has any hints and tips to help me?

 Problem being I have a fitness test coming up in a few weeks time, hence I am really trying to push on with the fitness work, trouble is by the time I get home, all I really want to do is go to bed, let alone putting my trainers on and going out for a 3/4 miler!

 I eat fairly heathly, sleep reasonably well most of the time. I have been to the docs before, and there is no medical explination as to why my get up and go has got up and gone.

When it comes to the weekend/have a few days off work, I generally do not feel like this, even though I am generally busy doing other activities - hence I can only assume its to do with the long hours/stress at work.

Any hints?


  • Why not try run before work, get up an hour earlier and put in the miles then, you feel better for doing it and personally I feel like I have tonnes more energy to get me through the working day.
  • Can you not run / walk / cycle to or from work. If not daily then at least once a week?

    I find that cycling is a great destresser. If you concentrate on your activity you forget all about work so that when you get home you feel much happier and ready for real life.

    The other thing, can you run before you go home? Lave your kit somewhere, at work, in your car? Or go somewhere that is great for running.

    I do my hill work on my way home from work on a weds morn, I cycle commute to work and carry my running shoes in a rucksack. I chain my bike to a lampost at the top of the hill and then make myself look a twit running up and down the hill for the next half hr. Hopefully I'll cary on once the weather turns.

  • jillanne ji wrote (see)
    O...when i running,i like wear earphone with MP3 listening  english words or songs.
    image I've tried playing computer games in french to try and learn French. I'm not sure I'd be allowed out with some of the phrases I've learnt. image
  • O...when i running,i like wear earphone with MP3 listening english words or songs.

    What is the Cantonese for Spam?
  • I would love to be able to cycle to work... however its a 44 mile/1 hr 15 min drive one way...
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Another vote here for before work.

    My alarm goes off at 5am, and believe me I am not a morning person. Ask Mrs C!

    Vicky, I'm the same when I get home from work, I have no energy left and just want to curl up on the sofa which is why I had to swap to running in the morning.

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Try reading ironfit, although primarily a book for long distance triathlons it does have a ton of good advice ( and anecdotal tales) regarding work/life/fitness balance. To echoe others here, mornings work for me, it's a real bastard, but you feel much better for it and on a good day you may even be able to fit some evening training in!
  • As the slogan says: "Just do it"

    you'll feel better afterwards.

    I know the feeling. I get home tired from work and my brain hurts, i work in accounts and i have numbers coming out my head and all i want is to close my eyes and lay in the sofa.

    But then i make an effort to go out for a run and i feel better afterwards.

    I have learn to Just Do It without thinking or questining it. In autopilot: get home, change and go off to exercise.

    Also, something i find helpful is to do some exercise your body is asking for. Somedays i can not face running, but i am dying for a swim, so i go swimning instead. Other days i feel like doing yoga,

  • I'm for the early mornings as the nights now begin to draw in I will be up at 4am for my runs, also a suggestion Vicky, if you can why not park up a few miles away and run in? Then you must have to run back each time to your vehicle.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Vicky, if early mornings, or lunchtimes aren't a goer, I think the key when you get home is to get straight out, without settling.

    Once you settle it's even harder to force yourself out again, but if you can build the routine so you go straight out, then you're well away.

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    I run after work as it clears my head out so feel better then
  • for me not many things can beat a morning run at 5 am ish .getting out there is sometimes the hard bit but once warmed up and running  then i just get into my stride and go for whatever pace i feel comfortable at.

    try it Vicky im sure you will love it.

    make sure you leave the alarm clock outside your bedroom door cos that will force you to get up

    all the best


  • Your running can't solve your work problems but when your not at work what can you honestly do about them?


    Best go for a run and feel good about your running and the goals you have set for that.

    You will be stronger more relaxed sleep better

    Good luck

  • Can you swim? For me have found 1 or 2 swim sessions a week a great substitute and accompaniment to running. Less injuries, great for upper body and a nice way to end a work day. Other than that just the obvious - entering races to give your running sessions a focus.
  • I vote for the "park and run" strategy- find somewhere you can safely leave your car 4 miles from work, run in/ back. After a few weeks you'll be looking for a car park 5 miles away, etc. Greart way to wind down before/ after work.
  • OK no sympathy from me I'm afraid. I work 2 jobs, sometimes 3 and I have no time for anything else. Yes I am tired too but there is only one way to go about it: if you want to run, then you just do it. If you're tired, it tough sh1t.
    And when I have a Sunday off, it will go catching up with housework.

    I trained for double marathon in the beginning of the year and that meant up and running by 5 am, then working from 9am until 9 or 10pm. All day every day.

    I don't want to live like this. Its no life. I'm currently making changes so that I can fit in my running. I'm still tired and sometimes my motivation lacks. But the reason why I want to still run, is because I want to run. So I just do it.
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