The Wall Run 23rd & 24th June 2012


I'm thinking of doing The Wall Run ( ) next year, from Carlisle to Newcastle along Hadrian's Wall. It is such a lovely part of the world (one i spent a lot of my childhood running around in) and I quite fancy this ultra running stuff so thought it might be a good place to give it a proper go!

Is anyone entered, planning to enter?

Has anyone done this before? Either for fun, or as a race, in parts or as a whole? I spotted an article about it in a magazine so was under the imporession that the race had been held before, but the website seems to imply otherwise (i.e. not having worked out timings/cut offs and needing to recce the course further)

I quite fancy doing it in 2 days as i think 65 miles in one day might be a little bit too much for me. But i've also never attempted to run 30+ miles 2 days running, so have no idea how i'm going to feel on the sunday morning with the prospect of running 34 miles with 31 already in the tank. I've done 2 marathons before (one at the end of IM France) and I've done loads of consecutive days of hill walking and the odd weekend run where i've done 12 one day and 17 the next - on the whole all of those hurt! So any advice on training/clothing/nutrition for this from those seasoned ultra runners would be most welcome. image

It would also be cool if we could get a bit of a long running thread going if anyone else is doing it - mutual support etc!





  • I'm signed up for this Muddy.  I have gone for the one day version.  Its a great route so I am really looking forward to it!

     I've done the route in the past (just as a solo not racing) and its lovely.  Navigation is really easy too as its waymarked all the way.



  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Muddy - I was under the impression this was the first official running of this race. Other races may have been organised in the past, it would seem odd that it took this long to think of it! I have looked at it but it clashes with a trip I have already in the calendar.

    In terms of doing it over 2 days then you have the ideal time to train for this, a weekend! image you can simulate the race pretty easily, even if not necessaily the full distance. Other than that concentrate on putting in steady miles during the week and getting off road where possible. I like to do some speed work to during the week which I find is good for helping to build strength in the legs. (for example : 30 min steady run, 5 x 1 mile reps with 90 secs rest, 30 mins steady run)

    In terms of what to do overnight, just take care of yourself. Make sure you get stretched off after day 1, a massage if possible (make sure it is light), get washed etc, fed as early as possible (and drink ofcourse!) and then rest.

    In terms of during the run, eat plenty and drink enough. Keeping in good condition on day 1 will help you into day 2. Little snacks that are easy to carry that you know your stomach will be ok with (try this stuff out on your longer training runs).

    For kit, wear what works for you and what you are comfortable running in. Whatever you choose make sure you have trained in it before, race day is not a good time to find out something rubs!

  • Hi Muddy,

     I signed up for it yesterday.  Being the tight Northerner I am, I've plumped for the one day event.  By the sounds of it you are in a much better place training wise than I am.  I've a 10k and 2 halves under my belt with my third in a couple of weeks (the Great North Run).

    I'm planning to build my long run mileage over the winter and train for a Marathon at the end of April (Manchester).  Also planning to get some trail walks done to put extra miles in.  There is an ultra near me in March (Haworth Hobble - 32miles) which will be my first major test event.

    Probably way out of my depth at the moment but I reckon I can train upto it,

    All the best,

  • Hey Muddy,

    I think I'm in a similar position to you, a couple of marathons, one ironman (Outlaw this year) lots of other random stuff, hell runner and wildman type stuff. I'm considering doing the one day, not sure if it's beyond me or not, but I guess that's the point. I'm also doing 2 marathons in two days in December, and possibly the Thames Trot in Feb.

  • Hi all,

    I've posted in another thread about this. Fancy doing the one day as again, i'm tight and secondly I think for me having a night sleep in between might be a hindrance rather than a help.

    I'm fit but only done half marathon events (although i do regularly run further in training)

    i really want to do it as i'm from the area and live fairly near by so it just feels 'right' i don't know.. going to decide before the end of september so i can get my head in the game early (if i muster up the courage!)

  • Who needs courage when you have stupidity!
  • having a bit of both is a deadly cocktail...i'll take two and some pork scratchings
  • You could argue they are one and the same, only qualified by the outcome of the act in question.
  • Hey Muddy, I've signed up to this event this morning. I'm planning on camping, like you the 65 miles in one go maybe too much for me. My aim to to complete the event injury free.

    Regarding training, etc etc. I've no idea. I'm running the London Ultra 50k in Feb, I'll learn on the job as they say. I'm also going to be running a Marathon two weeks before the event, which I'll treat as a training run, then taper for the 2 weeks.

    I'm always open to any advise/suggestions/training schedules the more experienced Ultra runners may have.

  • Hi Guys!

    Respect to those of you doing/planning to do it all in one go!!! Maybe one day....

    Wetter is Better. Thanks for the tips. I'd thought that lots of back to back runs at weekends would be good. I also wondered about running twice a day during the week. Probably aim for hill intervals as well. The one thing i really craved at Ironman France was a ham sandwich - think i'll give those a try. I'm not sure i can cope with 2 days of gels!

     Mr Muddy and I are also hill walkers so i figured we could do back to back day long walks in Wales, Soctalnd and the Lakes. Although it might be slower than i would aim to go in the race, walking 20-30 miles over 2 days with all your camping gear on your back has to be helpful (please!!!)

    kepe promis: I think registering after september would only save £30, so if you're not sure i'd leve it. better to speand and extar £30 than lose £170.

    I'm doing 30 miles a week at the moment, so just need to be careful about bringing that distance up slowly i think.

    I think it'll be really good fun, the overnight camp sounds good. But i'm concerned about getting up sore and stiff on the sunday. Mr muddy will be drafted in for light massage duties!!

  • Finding myself strangely drawn in...............
  • Signed up yesterday - will be my first ultra. I live a mile from the finish so it will be a good place to crawl home from!

     Plenty of time to train but need some advice on kit if there are any experienced ultra runners on here?

    Firstly what is a 'full windproof body cover'? do they just mean a windproof jacket

    Also any suggestions on a small rucksack or trail running shoes?

  • Andy AFCB

    I carry a lightweight windproof jacket because it is more breathable than a fully waterproof one.  My favourite is the Montane featherlite, which packs down to the size of an apple.  I also carry a foil survival blanket in case I roll my ankle in the middle of nowhere. 

    There are a lot of good running packs on the market, but the most important variable is fit.  Visit running shops and try on a few of them in order to find the one that suits the shape of your back best.  My favourite is the Camelback octane, but Salomon, Inov8, OMM and Tera Nova all make excellent ones.  I tend to use a 2 litre hydration bladder in races where the checkpoints are 10 miles apart or more. 

    I tend to use road shoes for most off road ultras, for the cushioning.  Also it is nice to be able to run the ultra in the shoe that you have done most of the training in.  With few options for conducting long training runs off road near to where I live, this tens to push me towards road shoes.  When I feel that I have to use a trail shoe I choose one with plenty of cushioning.  My favourite is the Adidas Raven. 

  • Is it just me or does the price structure seem high for a single stage event?

  • I'm intrigued by this event and route sounds good. Lots of other races around that time of year but fancy something new. I've done lots of ultras (5 this year) but this does sound good and close enough as I'm from Aberdeen. What is the trail like? Is it a good path? Well marked? Some hills presumably? I'd do it without support so might need to find some trains or friendly runners at end? Drop bags work well for me.
  • Thanks Ben, thats a great help - I'll check it out

    Bret - yes pricing was a little more than expected. When advertised they mentioned a 'super early bird' price - £30 off standard entry before 31st Aug. When I signed up there was no such discount. Have emailed them to try and claim back but so far have had no response. Has anyone else received this discount?

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Saw this advertises in trail running mag today and liked the look of it straight away!
  • With regard to the price, it depends what sort of show they can put on for the money. 

    Some of my favourite events are inexpensive ones, but with the longer ultras I don't mind spending a bit more money to get better support and course marking. 

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    I take it entry is a bit steep? Not.checked the full website out yet!
  • The £120 does seen quite steep. No mention of drop bags (needed if unsupported) but "water and snacks" provided. Also mention of expectation that you raise at least the same again for funding the path restoration? I also quote:

    "Often, the Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail itself is actually in, on or alongside the Wall’s features and is popular with walkers. In order to make our event sustainable for years ahead, we are devising an exclusive route with the help of [i]Hadrian’s Wall Heritage[/i] that will access as much of the inner Wall corridor as practically possible (though without always running on the National Trail itself),"

    Still thinking about entering though!

  • Every British national who has ran Comrades or the Western States 100, has resigned themselves to spending £500 on a plane ticket, before they even pay the entry fee. 

    You choose the race based on the experience, not the value for money!

  • Very true Ben but you dont have to go out the country to experience great Ultras,

    I did the GUCR this year as an unsupported which cost me £45 (that cost included water and some snack food). If I had gone fully supported it would have cost me £75 and that was with full food support not snacks. the distance involved is more than twice this one so therefore  more support required.

    I just think that some organisers  do seem to try and fleece us, please feel free to show me some evidence that this is not the case on this particular ultra.

  • Bret

    The argument that I could offer in the organisers defence, it that you incur greater costs and risks in the inaugural year.  Race directors often end up out of pocket after the inaugural event.  The price might creep down in subsequent years. 

    If I am impressed by the ambitions of the race director, then I will give them £100 for the race, and see what they can deliver. 

  • Hi guys,

    I've already entered this (solo, one day).  There was a code from a runnng magazine to get £10 off of the entry fee.  I saw the bit about fund raising (which supposedly entitles you to a 20% discount) but never came across it in the application process.  There is mention of bag drops on the website, either at Once-Brewed if doing two days and/or at the finish in Newcastle/Gateshead.

    As this is my first ultra and trail I've got a bit of an outlay ahead of me inorder to be properly equipped for this anyway.  I don't mind paying the extra if it is going to give me sufficient peace of mind that I can just get on with it and not have to worry about other things.  This is potentially a great course for me as my family all live in South Shields so I just need to organise my finish for the first metro of the day and my mum can take care of whatever mess I'm in when I finish lol.  Already booked my hotel in Carlisle for the Friday night.

     Can you tell I'm looking forward to this?

  • Am intending to but have not signed up to this one as yet (as the coast to coast is sapping all of my funds on kit and logistics at the moment) but have a friend willing me to sign up to the 2-dayer with him.

    Am new to ultras with my first planned to be the earlier mentioned Haworth Hobble and was hoping that one of you guys who knows the course might shed a little light on the terrain and how it may compare to other routes out there... footpaths, singletrack, wild, rolling, hilly, f**kin hilly etc.

    Mooch obliged image

  • I've been looking into this one too, but I do find £120 is a lot to spend. What do you get for money exactly that you dont get in other cheaper races?
    This would also be my first ultra and I think it would be a fantastic scenery... someone mentioned about having to raise some funds as a mandatory on top of this fee, that its somewhere on the website, but I didnt seem to find it. Does anyone know?
  • Just Elli

    The cost is undoubtedly high, but some of that will be reflected in the initial investment of setting up a new event, especially one with electronic chip timing over this distance. 

    Up to you really. 

    Some of my all time favourite ultras carry a price tag of less than £20.  However, once the distance passes the 50 mile mark, I suddenly find myself prepared to shell out a lot more money for better support.  The website of this event does not hint at an exceptional level of support, but I could be missing something. 

    If I really want to do the race, I will pay for it.  When I ran Comrades, I spent much more on the plane ticket, than the entry fee. 

  • I have been thinking about this race and it's good to hear some more inexperienced ultra people are considering it. I've done many a half and one full marathon, currently training for second and third in quick succession, so already aiming for June 2012.

    I'm plumping for the one off 65 miler, my problem is if I stop, I will stay stopped, once I'm moving I know I will keep grinding it out.

    So next stop Carlisle hotels

  • Hi all,

    Really interested in this, done all the Lakeland Trail runs and a few half marathons so will be stepping up on the distance, signed up today to run the Thats Lyth -23 Miles cross country in the Southern lake district, on my door step. January 12

    Lots of advice on the internet with training plans, but often difficult to fit in around work and family life, but here goes. Just got to decide one day or two  

  • Just signed up for the solo, and really looking forward to it, never run beyond 26 miles but will do soon.

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