To half marathon or to not half marathon....

Hi all.

I'm doing my first half marathon 11/09/11 in Nottingham (Robin Hood).

The most I've ever ran in one go is 15km easy, but I have done several 10km runs. I run up to 4 times a week (a collective total of between 15-30km). I'm female, 23 years old, do other exercise apart from running and am not carrying any excess weight.

I've not really given myself a time to aim for, I think it would take me approximately 2hrs 40mins. I am going to do a long run on Friday to try and get up to at least 18km.

Do you think that if you were in my position, that you would still enter the half marathon, for the experience even if you end up walking it?
Any advice?

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  • (15-30km refers to the total amount in one week)
  • When did you do the 15km?
  • Two weeks ago. I regularly achieve about 12/13km. Can do a 10km and not even feel it half the time.
  • I'd do it, it's quite a nice run. I ran it last year without training for a good time and I really enjoyed it. I'm doing it again this year too.

    Just go slow, enjoy it and then take a week or so off from running afterwards before getting back into it. if nothing else you'll have a PB to shoot for next time.

    if you do decide to run it: good luck.
  • Thank you Feet of Clay.

    I think I will just see how far I get and try to complete it. If I don't at least I'll know exactly how much I can exert myself and have the experience that will be useful when I am completely half-marathon ready.

    I hope you have a good run on the day. image
  •  I did about the same amount of training for the Haweswater half in March, my longest run was 11 miles and that was 3 weeks before the race.  When I set off I realised that I was rather unprepared.  I ended up doing it in 2hr 27 mins with a bit of chaffing but I had a lot of fun.  I also realised that if I put in the effort next time I will be able to smash that time, so just go and have fun its not the end of the world if you have to walk a bit to get round either!  Have a good run!

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