RW subscription

So wife has just got through a renewal letter for my subscription and if renew by 24th Oct then it will be £24.99, a massive 53% off.  Great eh?  Well yes until you see the flyer which also came in the same envelope about new subscriptions where it only costs you £22.99 and 57% off?  Go figure.


  • Thats normal and the same with lots of different companies, insurance, utility providers etc.

    They want to attract new customer so offer them the best deals

  • Yeah but that's a bit different Paul as they are services which you tend to only have one off, i.e. car/house insurance or utility so until you go onto a comparison website or their own website and pretend to be a new customer you have no idea how much more you are paying as an existing customer. 

    In the case of RW they were double greedy and included a leaflet trying to get you to take out a subscription to another magazine for yourself or as a xmas present thus making it bleeding obvious they are fleecing their existing customers. Rant over image

  • so why not take the renewal out in your nameimage
  • why bother buying it all - it only rehashes stuff that they published before. the only thing that really changes in it are the new kit reviews and race info, otherwise it's dull.

    you can get all you need on this site - you don't need the mag
  • Check out what offers are going, then start a new subscription on your name and card if you like the free gift image
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