Losers of the world



  • Saffy sweety pea wrote (see)
    Is it very wrong to admit I'd rather like to win today's prize? image
  • Did anyone think ya might lose cause you picked the wrong answer?! Maybe we all just a bit thick init?! imageimage

    I was really hovering over the morse code answer today...

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    sarah the bookworm wrote (see)
    I've be honoured to lose today's prize image
    Ditto. I want!
  • I missed yesterday's but I've entered today.

    Ohhhh. touchscreen Garmin. Fancy.

    Add my name to the losers list though image

  • is it just me or was the prize a little different earlier on ? ... I'm sure I put my entry in to lose a full Brooks marathon kit earlier and now it seems that todays prize to not win is a new Garmin ?

  • Let loose the dogs of war  and double the guards

    B has invaded this thread image

    War is declared  

  • chill out slowfoot, peace and love man, there's room for everyone in here image
  • *dances in the thread in sauconys* image

  • http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/members/images/191631/Gallery/Futurama-The-Beast-with-a-Billion-Backs-2008-Hollywood-Movie-Watch-Online-220x300.jpg

    Zero Tolerance for your sort on this thread  image

    Be gone you purple haired demon

  • OK, this one's really bizarre

    you have to be qualified to wear a feckin T shirt?

    if I w*n it, but am not allowed to wear it, is that as good as losing?

  • I've seen these tee's advertised in the mag. Think the idea is rubbish! Who is going to remember all the colours? And if you are a slow runner, do you really want to wear a T that says 'I'm the speed of an olympic snail?'

    Do you have to prove to them your time? Or can I just buy a sub-2hr 30m one when I'm actually more like a 4hr?

    Much rather just wear my race T...

    Having said that, can't lose if I don't enter, so have! ha!

  • Odd - I'm sure I posted.

    This is def one T I don't want.

    BB - yes you have to prove your time. Wonder what will happen once the start appearing in charity shops oe fleabuy  image

  • I was in two minds about whether to lose this one.

    I don't like the idea of these "look how fast I can run" t-shirts much, and who wants to advertise how SLOW they are?

    Still, as I'm not going to win one, it won't matter image

  • I would get the slowest one... I think it's beige.

  • I have a cunning plan - it says enter your name and time or the person you are buying it for.  I am sure Paula would welcome my intended gift (even if she never gets itimage).
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one in favour of these Xempo(?) t-shirts.

    Do I really want to go & advertise my slow arse half & full marathon times? 


  • In it to lose it !!
  • I can't wait to lose today, so no one will know how crap I am image
  • "I have a cunning plan - it says enter your name and time or the person you are buying it for"

    Do you think they'd notice if I put Haile's name down and a size XL image
  • Another one who thinks this is a really carp idea, but I'm in it to not win it image

  • Morning Losersimage

    Today we have the chance to win some Power Bars stuff ......wohooo

    I have never used the stuff and with my luck never likely to image

  • They took their time about putting that up - I've been waiting to lose all morning!
  • I'm struggling to think why I'd want today's prize but if you're not in it you can't lose it image
  • image ~ please don't let me win it, please don't let me win it, please don't let me win it ~
  • Last year, did they not post the winners from the previous week somewhere ??
  • On Friday I think, RIPP. Maybe they didn't bother last week as it was only 2 days worth.

    I'm DEFINITELY in it to lose it today. Looks foul stuff.

  • Power bar stuff is quite nice, well the energy bar is.

    So losing this stuff will be cool image
  • the winners are actually posted on the twitter page
  • The only winners posted I can see are those for a Tweet giveaway for some Nutrition guide
  • Powerbars got me round the IM bike course... but they're not much use given my current level of inactivity image
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