Losers of the world



  • I still qualify as a loser, too image
  • That's one prize I won't be too disappointed to loose.
  • I don't want the maxi fuel either, but I've entered anyway
  • I tried to be the first loser of the day. And it wasn't even open for me to win at losing.
  • I think I am a loser ..well the wife says I am anyway...image
  • I started to get quite excited about today's prize, thinking I might actually do some training

    until I saw 'flights not included'

    that's a lot of bliddy use then

    do Ryanair go to Malta?

  • ahem

    not that I'm going to w*n of course

  • Had enetered before I saw that Flights are not included - bet I win the bl**dy thing then  image
  • I couldn't make that marathon, even if it wasn't in the middle of the Atlantic. Should I enter and hope I'll loose?
  • If you can't make the marathon and then win it that means you are a loser. Its a win-win situation?
  • I'm actually not even going to enter this one - that's not much of a prize to lose, is it?? 

    And you can extend your stay at your own cost.....  pah!

  • Damn, it looks like I'm the only one who has entered.  I'm bound to win now image
  • image Argh don't say that I've entered too. I agree with Podro, it's a lose-lose situation. So everybody enter, so one of you can w*n image
  • Oh yes, I still entered as a matter of principle

    after all, you have to be in it to lose it

  • Oh dear, I almost forgot to lose today *slap wrist*.

    Anyone actually know any of the w*nners yet? Must make sure they are hunted down and suitably excluded!

  • I hate winners self important losers as far as I am concerned..which would make them losers so that would mean I like them then ..I think
  • Is Malta  where Malt loaf comes from ??

  • It's not really a trip to Malta if you have to pay for your own flights!

    I'm not going to grace this one with my losing entry!

  • Podro

    Have checked the official runners world losers handbook and sadly if you win and then can't take the trip its still classed as winning and therefore you will have to join B and her happy bunch of non-losers  image

  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    I'm actually not even going to enter this one - that's not much of a prize to lose, is it?? 

    And you can extend your stay at your own cost.....  pah!

    Oops....I didn't spot that before I entered image

    I really, really hope I lose this one now!

  • I am in it to lose again...I didn't realise the flights weren't included
  • I'm in! I am genuinely excited at the opportunity to lose by winning.
  • Oh good

    a fuel belt

  • More nuun to lose?!  Excellent.

    I've never tried it, and hopefully I won't get the opportunity now image

  • a fuel belt? really?

    Anyone notice the w*nners haven't been put up for some time? There could be one among us and we wouldn't know image

  • I have a couple of fuel belts already so I guess not winning this won't be a problem.

    BB they put the winner up on Fridays apparently

  • Great, more stuff I don't want image

    I don't like this keeping us in suspense till Friday business, I could be a w*n*er and not even realise it image

  • Nuun is pretty good stuff... but I already have plenty of it.  Bring on the losing...
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Has any of us actually won anything? or are we all still losers?

  • B is a winner and despite regularly being cattle prodded off the thread she keeps coming back.  I think she must like it.

    <warms up the cattle prod again>

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