Losers of the world



  • I would very much like to win todays prize, it sounds fun.
  •  Today's prize looks... fun?! imageimage

    Is it still a prize if it requires stupid amounts of effeort and makes you hurt that much?

    And if so, does that mean you win by losing? image



  • I only noticed this yesterday so entered to lose.

    BB - Today's is indeed confusing as I don't actually want to win it, so do I enter to win, and thus really lose? image

  • I really, really, don't want to win today's prize. 

    I'm not going risk being a winner!

  • Today's does look like fun image but I'm not going to w*n, cos I is a loser

    I think this not entering malarkey is cheating, it's like you're a w*nner deep down but you don't want to admit it, tsk image

  • I'm not going to win this one as

     1) it the day of the Beachy Head Marathon which i am doing.

     2) I don't have a mountain bike.

    So just to give everyone else a chance I'm not even going to enter it because I know if I'm going to win something it will be thisimage

  • If you're not in it you can't lose it image
  • B is a winner she occasionally grows a beard to try and confuse us.

    I'm in casablanca that weekend but have entered as otherwise how can I call myself a total loser   image

  • I sooooo want to be a loser today, so I haven't entered image
  • In view of my history I have not risked entering today...image
  • Hmmm, do I want to win a pair of funny socks and a cap that has a bit missing?

    No, so I'm in image

  • I have to admit to not having entered yesterday.  Although I know that means I can't technically be a loser, the risk of winning an entry to a race like that when I'll be 8 months pregnant was too great..........
  • Losing socks, does life get any better? image

     And nobody won on Wednesday!?!  Excellent, everyone's a loser  image

  • nice to see that my 100% losing streak is still going. Hooray. Sausages for tea tonight to celebrate.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I've just lost again.. Oh dear.... At least it's friday!
  • I remain a loser at least for this week
  • Oh! There is a Wednesday W*nner now, and it's not me, phew!
  • Nice shoes to lose today

    Makes losing all the more worthy when it's something you could do with

  • 10 pairs as well, it makes the satisfaction of losing that bit sweeter
  • Never before has a technical running shoe delivered such a smooth and sensuous ride

    Maybe not but I used to date a girl who did image

  • image

    You said you'd never talk about that!

    Morning Losers!

    I don't use Mizuno shoes, so here's to losing a pair image

  • I'm in!
  • Dynamotion ?

    Madlot been eating curry again.


  • Oh I like mizunos so I'd better save up some money cause I ain't going to win a pair.

     "Victor est non an bene"

  • They owe me for the Inspire 7  image
  • Is it just me, but I can't enter todays prise for SIS stuff as they don't apper to have the three question and submit option. So nobody wins, we are all losersimage
  • Check out website Bugs section, problem already been raised there.
  • A prize worth losing today, although I'm not sure what ANT technology is.

    maybe it is a novel way of powering the device? 


  • Hmmm, I have to confess that I wouldn't be totally gutted if I didn't lose today image
  • I would be happy to lose my loser satus for the prize today image
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