Losers of the world



  • i am in it to lose it ... or win...;)
  • Finally, something which isn't edible! Definitely bound to lose this one.
  • Nice prize today which I wont win ....
  • They don't give the answer in the advertising blurb today, that's just giving people an excuse to lose.

    *sticks on dunce's hat* 

  • Losing isn't something you do, it's a state of mind image

    <and other bullsh*t motivational nonsense>

  • I'd never be able to read the figures on that!  Unless it's shown actual size........ image

  • im in image

    whats B doing here?

  • Oh come on, just once can i win.....
  • I think I may be missing something... where is the list of who has won each day of last week?
  • I was aboutto ask that, WiB

    last week's List Of Shame is not in the usual place, so I still don't know whether or not I'm a w*n*er image

    well, I know I'm a w*n*er, before anyone points it out, but I could be a w*n*er too

  • It's here:

    linky thing

    Posted every Friday.

  • Cheers BouncyBunny.... I won image
  • Get out!
  • Did I mention I take prize commission for directing you to the link? image

    PS you should prob make yourself scarce from this thread before we throw rotten tomatoes and cabbage at you for being a w*nner.

  • You can have a percentage of all I lost for directing me to the page, BB

    now I'm off to the market to seek out out of date rotten veg

  • I believe my taxi has just arrived... I'll show myself out.
  • Really scrapping the barrell here aren't they...?! Rubbish prize for those of us who don't drive. A free 16quid entry that costs me a fortune in transport... great idea imageimage

  • Rubbish prize today - not much good for us Northerners image   Well I wont be entering this one ...so am definately a loser today
  • Ouchh!!  Entered before I realsed the travel logistics.  That means I've probably wonimage.
  • nice jacket to not win today image
  • Only a couple more days of losing to go!
  • They're taking their time today!

    C'mon RW towers - I want to know what I have lost.

  • it's there

    it's a wet and muddy race entry

    i do NOT want it, so am not even entering

    sorry, I know that's not really in the proper spirit of losing

  • YEO

    Consider yourself censured  

    NOT ENTERING!!!! thats nearly as bad as winning image

  • Oi Losers last chance to lose today

    We have the chance of not winning some Sorconey bright orange and black kit...nice image

    Oh well another competition drifts by without a sniff of a win image  

  • bit quiet on here today, whats up? no one interested in losing anymore image  well I've put in my last chance to lose something on the pwiddy coloured jackets
  • I've put myself forward for losing one more time image

    All in all, a very successful month of losing!

  • I don't live in the Antarctic so; 

    I don't wear running jackets, don't wear tights, don't wear caps.

    A brilliant final prize to lose  image

  • I prefer the orange to the pink - although if I was to break my losing streak and win I suspect there's no choice in the colour.

  • OK, after being told off I've entered the last one

    s'pose we'll have to wait till Monday for the final List of Shame

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