Swashbuckler - New Forest

This would be perfectly timed for an Outlaw HIM, but it looks a bit scary.

Anyone know if it fills up quickly? I recognise the name so I fear it may sell out and I will miss it. I'm not entering at the moment as I'm not confident enough in my swimming to do the 1900m in 45 mins (though I did my last/first HIM swim in 50 mins..)..... more nervous about the cut off for the bike route since that took me 4.5 hours (on my hybrid) at Trentham last year..... image

I'll be better next year, honest! I just don't want to enter this one just yet - what to do?!? image


  • Yes, it does fill fairly quickly.  I think it was full by start December last year. However, they also operate a waiting list.

    We have been discussing the swim on the PSOF 2012 championship thread (started by Meldy) you may like to have a little read of the last few pages of that thread.

    The swashbuckler swim cut off is not 45 mins, it's an hour.  However, they suggest that you need to be able to swim 1900m in 45 mins in 'normal' conditions because the tide is quite strong.

    Not sure what else to suggest regarding cut off times other than it might provide you with training motivation?

    You'll be slower on a hybrid because it's likely to be a heavier bike.

    Others have suggested Marshman as a suitable alternative but I don't know much about that one, as I've opted for this one.

  • The swim is tidal and whilst they try to set you off at the best possible time for the tide, the slower you are, the more the tide will work against you. If you are a properly weak swimmer then it would be challenging (and they were strictly enforcing a 1 hour swim cut-off this year) but if you are merely OK, like me, then you should be fine, if not in the top quartile! It meant a 3am alarm call last year for a 5.15am swim start!

    The bike and run are pretty flat, no hills to speak of really, one small bump about about 20miles in to the ride, and another about 100m long as you come into T2 and that's it from memory. Total ascent over the bike course of 200ft! Nothing.

    The run is fine, a mix of roads and shaded woodland trail, really little to worry about.

    The race is rightly growing in popularity, but it wont sell out immediately - you can monitor acceptances on the site I think, and even when they are sold out its worth putting your name on the waiting list as people drop out.

    I would have thought it would be an excellent trial run for Outlaw if as I'm told the Outlaw is a pretty flat bike course?

    Do it!
  • Im doing it again!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    I've done the last 2, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it next year, they have moved it forward a couple of weeks (cos of tides) and its only 3 weeks after VLM, I found it tough when it was only 4 weeks between the two.
  • Thanks M.ouse. I think it was the PSOF thread I saw this on actually.

    Oh Gladys - you may have convinced me.

    TR - is your recollection of the bike ride that it is fairly flat?

    Marshman is too far away for me really. New Forest is reasonably close. 

  • I'm thinking the swim isn't going to be too much of an issue. However assuming 1 hour for the swim leaves 3.5 hours for the bike ~16 mph.

    Doable, but tight.

    £120 too...

  • Bike is pretty flat with nothing to worry about hill wise.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    JEvans - the Swash is on the southern part of the forest so is indeed flatter than the September Middle Distance race which is on the Northen part of the Forest. There's nothing I'd class as a hill at all in the Swash, maybe a few gentle inclines. the New Forest can be a bit exposed in places so wind can be more of a factor than hills. Race New Forest races are indeed a bit pricey, but they are well organised, they genuinely want you to have a good day and enjoy the race and dont like enforcing cut-off's. Racing in the New Forest is a magical experience and a privilege...................I'm doing it again this Sunday at the Swash 2 Bucklers revenge.
  • I am just nervous because the half I did in july sold itself as flat, but I think that was based on the official definition... It was NOT flat!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Some of the folks wondering wether to do this as a Summer build up race but are worried about the swim current, might be interested to know that the Race New Forest website is mentioning a middle distance race in early June next year based at Lake Ellingham whcih is where New Forest 1/2 IM in Sept is based. 

    I did the Bucklers revenge on Sunday and the current was even worse than it was for the May 2010 Swashbuckler.

  • Thanks TR. I fear June may be too late as ideally a half distance would be early May i think. Maybe I will do more swimming than I had intended over summer...
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