Taper driving me mad!

I'm doing Bristol Half next Sunday and so I am tapering my training up to the race. Planning a seven mile slow one tomorrow and a couple of little ones in the week but at the very time I feel at my fittest and best, having got my mileage up nicely, I have to cut right back. I'm absolutely itching to get out there and run, which is great as I'm sure it bodes well for the race but, having told myself to rest today I am contemplating a run. I just hope I'm feeling so keen come race day.

How do others cope with taper fever?


  • Avoid anything incredibly strenous but you dont need to do a big taper for a half image
  • You have no idea what stage I'm at. I could be a seasoned runner with a load of HM's under my belt or I could be almost a beginner with dodgy knees.

    You may have guessed by now that I am the latter. My individual situation dictates what sort of taper I need and I feel I need to taper reasonably hard to stop my knees causing me a problem on race day.

    Thanks for trying though.

  • What sort of reply were you expecting?
  • I shout at the kids and eat lots
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