Hi All,

 Firstly sorry if this question has been asked lots but the search function isn't working so can't check old messages.

I'm running the Bristol half Marathon next sunday and following a sub 1.45 plan which I followed for Bath and ran it 1.42, but for the last week of training for Bath I had a terrible cold so only ran one 10 mile run and a 3 miler during the week. 

So my question is do I keep to the plan which is the followingimageunday:- 12 miles, Monday:- Rest, Tues:- 3 miles plus 6x60m strides, Weds:-  3miles, Thurs:-5 miles(race pace), Fri:-2miles  OR do I keep to what I did for Bath?

Don't know if this helps but ran a total of 33 miles last week which included 13.2 miles on Saturday. Thanks for any help or any other training suggestions, am getting a bit confused with what to do.



  • i'm not an expert but i would not be running that up to 1/2 week.

     i'm running Bristol as well, i'm doing a 10 miler tomorrow and a 4 miler tuesday and thats it i'm done! i need the rest and want to feel like im going in with fresh legs!

  • no expert again.but seems high to me...............I always like a real big taper and cut right back..but then everyone is different........definitely wouldn't do 12 the week before

    but then if I do a half as part of marathon training I don't taper hardly at all......................so I'm not very consistentimage

  • Seems a lot.

    If you're going to do the 12 tomorrow then do it slow. Maybe last mile or two at race pace if you feel like it.

    After that, I'd probably only do 3/5/3 miles spread over Tuesday to Friday keeping the legs turning over.

    Got me to under 1hr 40 anyway.
  • Thank you for your replies have done 10 miles today then going to do what fit-running-cat suggests especially if you've ran under 1.40 (my dream!!)
    Thank you
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