trail or fell shoes for over pronator

I road run in brooks ravenna 2s as I have a mild over pronation in one leg, I also have some Kanadia  for trail and fell. I have been doing alot more on the fells recently as I am doing the hell run next sunday but after doing a number of fell runs culminating in a 13 miler my shin on my overpronating leg has flared up so much I could barely walk. I have had to rest for almost two weeks before I could start training again. I am a bit worried about doing the race in my Kanadias but most of all I love fell running and wondered if anyone can recommend a good shoe as all the ones I have looked at have no support and barely any cussioning ?  


  • I overpronate and I use asics trabuco trail shoes for my off road well for well on the races/runs  that are part on road and part off as well...............

    good luck

  • Have you considered orthotics Wesley..
  • I can recomend the trabuco for mixed road/trail runs as well.  For fell runs I use Inov8's though - there is little support in these but even as a mild OP-er they are fine on open fell.  Wesley, I'm surprised you are suffering so much from running on the fells.  The reason fell shoes have no support is because the terrain on the fells is so uneven that any amount of support would make no difference.  You never land with your foot on an even surface so support becomes unnecessary.What you do need is strong ankles!  I think you need to look at other reasons why your shin has become so painful.  If it's so bad you could "hardly walk" - you may even be looking at a "stress fracture" or some kind of stress reaction. 
  • a wobble board purchase might be just the thing... it will strengthen the ankles and sort the shins out.  It will also give you endless comedy moment as you struggle to keep the board flat! image
  • @ PSC .... image - so true.... but so effective! 
  • thanks I will try a wobble board, managed to do hell run on sunday but so much pain from my shin I couldnt sleep that night maybe need to see doc as I suppose it could be a stress fracture. Tigerlily thanks for your points and I get what you are saying theoretically fell should be less painful than road, it maybe because there are sections of hard trail and tarmac in my fell run ?? 
  • I still think you really need to see someone if you are having that level of pain Wes.  Hard trail and tarmac are more forgiving than pavement in my opinion.  For mixed terrain as you describe I use the Trabuco all the time as I cannot run on road in my fell shoes for more than a mile or so without discomfort (no cushioning).  You say you only OP mildly - so do I.  I doubt very much it is your shoes that are causing your problems - to get that level of pain is more likely to be an underlying biomechanical problem.  If this is so although it is your shin which has bourne the brunt of it the problem may stem from somewhere else - weak hip flexors maybe or weak glute meds?  These control how much your legs pronate as you run.  Of course, I do not know you or your history but just a thought.  I just wonder if your problem isn't caused in part by a sudden ramping up of mileage on a different type of terrain in preparation for the HR?  Did you see someone about your injury?
  • Tigerlily -  I haven't seen anyone about the injury, did hell run on sunday and did an ok time (placed 23rd) it really hurt that night but seems to have recovered quicker as I have not run since. I think I do need to see someone about it because it doesnt feel right. I have been running for about 4yrs and have always had OP in my right leg, neutral in my left but it is mild and although I have always had niggley problems with my shin it has never been enough to stop me training. The only difference is as you suggest that for a relatively short period I went from running 10-15 mile road runs and 5-10k fell to 10-15m fell runs only. I am going to let it settle, see a doc and work on strengthing the front of my shins. 

    It is the first injury that I have had and it is getting on my nerves now.

  • Hi Wes - well done on the HR.  I still don't think your problem is weak shins - you get pain there but it is unlikely that it is weak shins that is the problem!   You say your OP is mild so really shouldn't need either a motion control shoe or orthotics to alieviate it.  I think you should investigate whether your glute med (hip aductor) on the RHS is weak - if it is, by strengthening it (try the "clams" exersize) your over pronation should reduce as this muscle controls over rotation of the leg inwards.  The other enemy for shin problems is tight calve muscles which leads to tight ankles.  These can be gently stretched and strengthend by doing heel raises.  Pain such as you described can lead to a SF if you're not there already - can you hop on the affected leg pain-free?  Rather than a Doc. you'd be better seeing a physio.  Good luck! image

  • Hi Tigerlily, good lord no, if I hop on my right leg then I get that wonderful searing pain up my shin, I have looked into symptoms for a SF and they all seem fairly familiar. gutted luckily I have not actually booked any races till the coniston 14 in march

  • Oh - I'm in for that one one too...... do you live in the Lakes?  I did the Coniston 14 (17+) last year when the bridge was still out.

    If you cannot hop - that is the classic test for SF.  I'm sorry... image  but on the plus side I've had 2 in a 35 year running history - tibia about 15 years ago and fibula last year.  They do get better if you treat them right and they heal stronger.

  • no I live in rossendale near burnley one of my friends does it every year and recommended it. looks like a lovely run, you will have to let me know your race number when you get it so I can say hi if I see you. thanks for all your advice though its been very useful (if not slightly depressing)
  • I know Rossendale very well - my Dad was Bank Manager at Haslingdon for many years and lived at Rawtenstall.  I used to run on the hills round there a lot!  There's some seriously good athletes used to run out of Marl Pitts sports centre!  Suggest you see your GP for an x-ray. Though SF's rarely show up until they've begun to heal (unless you're seen by a specialist who knows what to look for) - it's the new bone growth that shows up.  MRI is much better but there'll be a wait if you have one on the NHS. 

    I wish you well ...... and it may not be an SF but sounds suspiciously like it image

    Take care - maybe you'll pass me on 'orrible 'ill at Coniston (the final climb before descending back to the village) - actually you'll probably have passed me much earlier than that image.

  • yeah my daughter runs for rossendale harriers there are still some very good fell runners there, too good for me anyway
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