Nathan intensity

ok so I may be being completely stupid here but I just got my Nathan intensity pack today ( I thought it would be a good option instead of a belt for my marathon training) but having tried it tonight I am wondering if there is a way to keep the water in the tube after drinking rather than having to suck the water all the way back up the tube (therefore taking in a lot of air) before getting to the water each time. I would like to wear it on a run tomorrow so if anyone has any ideas they would be greatly recieved.

Also hello again haven't posted in ages hope everyone is well x


  • When you fill up a bladder, before placing it in the pack turn it upside down and suck the air out of it, this stops it from glugging and exhibiting the symptoms you describe.
  • Hello thank you. Do I have to suck the air out and then before taking the mouth piece out shut the valve to keep the water in the tube ?
  • I use camelbak bladders as i think they are the best, i just turn mine upside down as the feed pipe is at the bottom of the bladder. I then suck the air out until I start getting fluid. I then close the valve turn it up the right way and fit to the pack.

    Another good tip is when you are not using the bladder store it in the freezer, as this stops bacteria from forming in it
  • Thank you I tried this and it worked beautifully I love it didn't even feel it on my back can't wait
    To try this on a longer run
  • Just squeeze the bladder to force the air out instead of sucking.

    I'd not thought of storing on the freezer Squeakz.  Though I use mine so rarely now it always gets a good soaking on Milton fluid before each use.

  • I took it on my first run last night hardly knew it was there so much better than having a bottle to Carry
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