Cardiff Half Marathon

Only just found out that the registration website spat out my card details and have obviously missed the deadline now.
Absolutely gutted as I've been training for months now for what would have been my first half marathon.

So if anyone is injured or unable to take part on Oct 16th for any reason, email me at

Of course I'll pay the entry fee in full as well as any postage costs, keeping my fingers crossed!


  • Paddles - you may be able to have my space - will let you know after the Cardiff 10k on Sunday !   If it goes ok I will stick with doing  the half but if not the space is all yours !

  • Hi Paddles, my son's space is going spare. It's yours if Kerrance decides to run. Will email you with details.
  • Hey all, if you are aware of any other places going I have a friend who is very keen to come along who is looking for a place! Hope everyones training is going's my first half so getting a strange feeling of fear and excitement at the moment!!!

  •   I've a friend who is in exactly the same position as Paddles, he would gladly buy any spare place as he's booked accomodation travel etc thinking he was definatley in. Anyone PLEASE ..??
  • Just to update you all I've managed to get my hands on a place now.

    Thanks to anyone who replied anyway and maybe you can work something out with the last 2 posters instead!
  • Brashers or Kernance any joy, how did the Cardiff 10 k go ?? please E Mail me if you wish to sell your spare place, thanks !

  • Hi - planning a run this weekend to further test my dodgy leg and will get back to you asap.

  • Sorry guys - decided to run the half . Good luck getting a place. Wirthwhile emailing them as i think people are deferring until next year so they may now have spaces.
  • Hey. Due to my continuing knee problems, I'm going to have to drop out of the cardiff half so my place is up for grabs.
  • Hi Lumber - would I be able take your place please?


     Andy - 0785-904-3580

  • or brashers is your son's place still available in case Lumber's has already gone?


  • Hey Andy, yeah. Am at work at the mo. Drop me an email?

    Cheers. Bryn.
  • Just ran the Coventry half & really want to run again in Cardiff .If anyone has an entry they can no longer use I would love to take it up.

    Many Thanks

    andy lee

  • I have 2 spare places if anyone is interested

    Ian Domville 07843259935

  • Good luck with the places guys and see you there. My first ever organised run. Never done anything before. Usually run alone or with my daughter.
  • I have a spare place, email me if anyone wants it.
  • hi there!

    Does anyone need a place for this sunday?

    Give me a shout I have one available -  0785-9043-580


  • If anyone else has a spare place for Cardiff half I would love to do it. To be honest got dates wrong, entered late and never got a place!

  • I'm also looking for a spare place if anyone has one I'm happy to buy it from you. i live in Cardiff (Llanishen) and can pick it up and swap over the cash if local. Didn't think I was going to be at home however I am now.



  • See message above.


    My mobile no is 07595894968



  • Hi All,

    It'll be my first half marathon on Sunday. Quick question, if anyone would be so kind: How strict are the organisers regarding the colour-coded starting pens? I put 1:45:00 on my entry form so am in the pink pen (if only I'd put 1:44:59!), but it looks like I should get about 1:37 based on my training times. I know it doesn't matter that much, but I'd really like to start in the yellow pen because I want to push for a good time and it's easier setting your pace with similarly paced runners.



  • I'm also looking for spare place.

    Will pay your registration plus any postage expenses. And if you were planning to run for charity but have had to pull out, I'll even donate ??50 to your cause.
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    PC - I phoned them to try and change pens the other week and they said no.  So I'm planning to get there early to get in at the front of the pen as they said they will be checking

  • I've a spare place for Cardiff this Sunday, due to work have had to drop out. Send me a message if interested, i live in Cardiff Bay.

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